Ride On Toys for Boys

Ride On Toys for Boys

Ride on cars are ride-on toys can be available to kids into their teen years. There are so many options designs and functions. It can be almost overwhelming to decide what to get your little boy.

This is a short guide to give you information on what types would be best for his age and even motor skills. So, that way when your looking for which option to get, you have a better buying process.

Recommendations of Ride on Car toys for Boys based on Age group, starting from the youngest and up:

For Baby Boys and Todlers 1-3 Years Old

Baby boys will love this ride on. Aesthetically, it is designed for what they are attracted too at this age! It feels safe and cozy, which boys at this age still desire. Even from a very young age, boys have that inborn thing to MOVE.

AND MOVE they will, in this rocking ride on. While they are moving out rocking, this ride is actually great for their muscles to train the core.  The core muscles, arms and legs get strengthened and developed, while they have a fun time rockin and roolin!

For Boys 3 – 5 Years Old

3 to 5-year-old boys will love this ride on, because it is two toys in one! This is definitely a ride on that will keep them entertained. How can they possibly get bored when this option gives them two different ways to travel?

I believe your little boy will love the “freedom” to ride off into the sunset, either by bike or scooter. He can make his moves, while enjoying a safe ride. This option comes with extra wheels on the back, which will give your boy the feeling of stability and balance to ride hard!

For Boys 5 – 7 Years Old

The big boys between the ages 5-7 will be all about this ride. It is big. It is rugged and will make your boy, feel like a big boy. This model reflects a real like Kawasaki and boys at this age are starting to leave what looks like child play and moving towards toys that look more realistic.

This ride on employs their motor skills, which they will love practicing on this ride. The motor skills of leaning forward and backwards, climbing up and down and steering will greatly employ many motor skills all at once.

Also, all this physical motion while driving will help to build their body awareness and balance. The stop and go action, will be good practice in keeping the right steadiness in those instances.

This is pure entertainment that fuels imagination with all the neat and life like features.

For Boys 7 And Up

This hoverboard will be most attractive to boys that are pre-teen and on. Despite what it may look like, this hoverboard is easy for kids to learn to ride. I believe that your boy will enjoy the “perceived challenge” of riding this hoverboard.

Your big boy will also be drawn by it’s sleek design and somewhat futuristic look. At this age boys love to show off their “toys” to their friends.

What would be really fun for your boy is to join in with other kids in the neighborhood or at school, for fun races (or even just riding along with their bud to school).

I can almost guarantee this will be among their favorite choice of “toy” to have and a cool way to get around! I don’t think you can go wrong with this option!

Don’t forget that at this age they really love their Ride on Cars as well. Ride on cars for 8 year old would be a great secondary place to look.

Suggested Ride-On Toys Per Age Group

From about two years old, little boys would enjoy a slow speed electric car. Yes, they may not be strong enough to power it themselves. However, many ride-on cars tend to come with parental remote control. You are then able to set the parameters and drive the car for them.

Boys between the ages of 3 to 4 years old, would like to with play something a little bit faster. They are able to grasp things push and pull things. So, a ride-on with some extra features, whistles and horns would be something that they would enjoy.

As your child gets a little older, your little boy might want something that looks more realistic. For ages 5 to 7, little boys are drawn to toys that look more sporty, sharp and cool. Ride- on toys in this age category, tend to come with radios, horns and other built in features, that mimic adult cars.

Boys between ages of 8 to 13, might begin to want something that has better, more mechanical features. Features that mimic the look and feel of real, more grown up versions. They may be drifting away from their imaginative state.

Naturally, causing them to want something fast and impressive to show off to their little guy friends. In that case, they would definitely enjoy electric scooters, Segway’s and motor bikes.

For boys that are 14 years and up, they are definitely wanting more of what adults have. They will more than likely desire something that is on the sporty side. Designed with bolder, more stand out physical designs and colors.

Need I say that SPEED will play a huge role? Powered ride on’s for this age, are usually able to speed up to 15 mph.So, they will be more drawn to bigger and better options, that might be go-karts, powered vehicles and ATV’s.

Ride On Toys General Info

Ride on toys, can be skateboards, pogo sticks, Segway’s, scooters, bikes, wagons and powered cars.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from. It just all depends on what you or your child wants; at their age and level of motor skills.

Ride on cars are powered in three different ways. There are push and pull toys, like wagons. Then there are pedal powered toys. So, basically those would be non-powered are ride-ons like, tricycles and bicycles.

The last type of ride on would be battery or electricity power toys. Those would include powered cars, powered scooters and powered bikes.

Benefits of Ride-On Toys for Boys

 Development of Fine Motor Skills

If you can believe it or not, ride on toys can help your child develop their motor skills, from their toddler years. For little boys, this would definitely accelerate their motor skills development. Generally speaking, it is a known fact that the motor skills of boys, can tend to develop slower than girls. However, that doesn’t have to always be true.

When you employ toys and activities from the beginning that help to develop the fine motors skills, you can move their development process along a lot quicker. Inadvertently, it gives them more confidence as they grow, in their earliest developmental stages. It gives them this “can do” attitude from a young age.

So, how exactly does it help develop fine motor skills? Well, it helps them to develop their grasp on things like steering wheels, joysticks, and what other gadgets manufacturers like to put in. Exercising those muscles helps them to have a better grasp all around.

Desire to Explore

The next thing that ride on toys do, is stir up in boy is the desire to explore. I believe that boys are born with the natural extinct to explore. Then there is imagination. Imagination, fuels exploration. Imagination and ride-on toys, fuels the curiosity and desire for exploration.

A Natural Integration of Physical Activity

Physical activity. It seems as though physical activity amongst kids, becomes less and less with each generation. Where little girls used to play outside a lot more, or work on crafts, etc. It is as though more and more; indoor activities are taking its place.

There are so many TV channels and shows to keep them sitting in front of the telly. All the digital games and toys, are killing the interest of being outside. Having a ride-on toy where one has to exert physical activity, opens the door for a child to be a child in a more natural sense.

In addition, boys tend to have an endless well of energy. It is definitely not enough to have them just playing videos or using the ipad for entertainment. Outdoor play does something to the development of a boy, that other activities may not cater or fully awaken.

The type of ride-on toys that will get your little boy to drain that extra energy and develop their natural boyhood instinct’s  are bikes, trikes and skateboards. These options help to strengthen your child’s ability to have a greater balance, strengthen muscles and build endurance.

Increase Share and Play-Time

Ride on toys also gives girls opportunities to play with others. There are several types of ride-on toys that allow for their friend, or a sibling to join them in on the fun.

Not only are they having a good time but, they are also learning how to share. They are also learning how to communicate and think about others and not just themselves.

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