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8 Best Ride On Cars For 1 Year Olds – Buyer’s Guide

Ride On Cars8 Best Ride On Cars For 1 Year Olds - Buyer's Guide

Are you searching for ride on cars For 1 Year Olds? When your child is in the beginning stages of life it is important to give your child his or her first exciting experience riding in a car. While some ride on car toys look safe for all young children, not all car toys are manufactured for children as young as 12 months old.

One key trait to see in a ride-on car is the simple design and alignment of the seat. Parents can choose one of the following ride on cars as great rides for their 1-year old kids.

Please consider electric car for 2 year old or even cars for 3 year old if your little one is a little big for their age!

Best Ride On Cars for 1 Year Olds

4-in-1 Mercedes Ride-On Stroller


The best option for parents when choosing a pleasant ride for their young children would be a ride-on car that has flexibility. The 4-in-1 Mercedes Ride-On Stroller can be used in multiple ways. Featuring LED lighting fixtures, horn and music sounds, this stroller was made for 1-year old kids. Check out more info on the Mercedes Ride On Stroller.

Mercedes Stroller Pros

This stroller has an adjustable seat and footrests along with a removable back supporter. The stroller’s flexibility shows with its stroller bars. These bars allow an easy conversion into either a stroller, a push car or a ride-on toy. This is a fairly light item as it is 19 pounds in shipping weight. Easy to assemble, this stroller also features storage space under the seat.

Mercedes Stroller Cons

If parents are looking for something more simple in a ride-on car this may not be for their children. If parents don’t want a bulky ride-on car for their 1-year old child, then they may not want a flexible 4-in-1 stroller such as this one.

4-in-1 Mercedes Push Car

Staying with the 4-in-1 theme, this push car has similar features that would make a riding experience just as pleasant for 1-year old kids. Having a fully functioning steering wheel that easily moves left and right, there is also a play-music button on top that allows kids to listen to catchy tunes. Check out more info on the Mercedes Push Car.

Mercedes Push Car Pros

This push car has a horn sound button that adds excitement to the ride-on experience of children. This push car also has a storage compartment that can be easily accessed, storing a kid’s toys on the go. This vehicle has a light weight of 8.3 pounds.

Mercedes Push Car Cons

This push car requires a specific version of AA batteries, which would be 1.5V AA batteries. This is also a foot operated push car, so if parents are looking to give their children a remote controlled ride, then this isn’t the vehicle to consider.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Parent Push Car

Another push car that can be used in more than one way, the 2-in-1 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor model made by Step2 is a steady ride for young children. Having tough rugged wheels with 360 degree turning, this push car has a realistic look to it. This push car has working lights in the front grille that can be turned on with the push of a button, and there is a honking horn on the steering wheel a child can press.

F-150 Pros

The conversion between the two modes this push car has is very easy. This toy can convert from being a parent push car to a foot to floor ride-on car, and vice versa. This car has plenty of room for your child to move around in. There are removable components to this push car, such as a floor board and a push handle. There is also a trunk bed in the back of the car that can be used for storage.

F-150 Cons

This push car requires 3 AA batteries, so depending on how often you want to buy batteries this may be an issue. While it may be a good thing for this push car to have 2 working doors with latches, this may present additional safety concerns for your child when they try to exit the car. This car is one of the more heavier cars, weighing in at 24.7 pounds.

McLaren 570S Push Sports Car Ride-On Toy

This push car takes on the realistic design of the McLaren 570S Sports Car. Featuring an interactive steering wheel that allows kids to rev up their engines with the electronic sounds, kids can make turns without making any noise. This push car has a whisper wheels design that doesn’t make turning harmful for a kid’s ears.

McLaren Pros

One advantage this push car has would be the option for both parents and kids to store their drinks inside cup holders that are built in. The push car itself has two cup holders for kids while the push handle had a swivel cup holder for adults. There is also a large handle underneath for easy storage and quick transport. This push car also features a seat belt for kids to wear.

McLaren Cons

This push car isn’t exactly lightweight as it weighs 18 pounds. Depending on how parents assemble this car, sometimes the push handle will not fold down properly. The cup holder for adults can only hold small cups and not big water bottles.

Jeep Cherokee Ride-On Push Car

Sporting decals of a 7-slot grill and a speedometer, this ride-on push car has break lights and the familiar wheel arches that Jeep is known for. If you would like your child to experience an adventure in the great outdoors, having him or her ride in this push car would be a great choice. This Jeep Cherokee imitation was made to last, built for infants from 1 to 3 years old. Check out more info on the Jeep Cherokee Ride-On Push Car

Jeep Cherokee Pros

The wheels of this push car are made out of polyethylene, which means they will hold up well both indoors and outdoors. This push car requires 3 AAA batteries, one of the more common types of batteries to buy. The turn signals light up and the realistic horn and engine sounds will add to your child’s experience.

Jeep Cherokee Cons

If you prefer a toy that has multiple uses like the previously mentioned 4-in-1 stroller, then you may not want to buy this push car. If you want your child to have storage space under the seat, you will not get it from this push car.

Bentley St. James Push Car

A lightweight push car, this model takes after the Bentley St. James. This push car is very easy to assemble and for parents to put away after their kids are finished playing. Featuring authentic horn and music sounds, this small ride is a comfortable one for any young child. Check out more info on the Bentley St. James Push Car

Bentley Pros

This push car is easy for kids to access and for parents to pick up and put aside after play time ends. This car has a shipping weight of 7 pounds and a product weight of 6 pounds. There is a rear handle parents can use to push their children and there is plenty of under the seat storage space for small toys.

Bentley Cons

This push car isn’t battery powered, so this is the kind of vehicle that has to be moved by either parents pushing it or children operating it by foot.

Ferrari Kids Ride-On Push Car

Having a simplistic design this imitation of a Ferrari attempts to present an authentic feeling when your child goes for a ride. The authentic style that is presented on this push car includes an electronic horn button and a leather set. Check out more info on the Ferrari Kids Ride-On Push Car.

Ferrari Ride On Pros

This push car is a lightweight toy, weighting only 9.1 pounds, so it is easy for parents to pick up and store away after their child is finished playing. It also helps that the maximum weight that can sit on this push car is 44 pounds. This push car contains storage space under the seat. In terms of safety its simulated rubber wheels can firmly grip the ground, and its wide stance prevents any tip overs.

Ferrari Ride On Cons

There is no push bar available, so this will be a toy where young children will have to keep moving on their own. Being a foot operated vehicle, this means only the lights and sounds of this toy will be battery powered. This push car also has no seat belt.

Push Around Buggy Push Car

Colored in a cool anthracite gray with nostalgic racing stripes, the simplistic design of this ride-on vehicle is a good option for parents to consider. This vehicle is also easy for a child to access right away as there are no doors to open. Designed by the Porsche Design Studio this vehicle is a good imitation of an actual Porsche model, having extra wide whisper wheels with signature Porsche 5-spoke rims. Check out more info on the Push Around Buggy GT Push Car, Blue.

GT Buggy Pros

This vehicle features an ergonomically designed seat that has knee indentation for larger children. This means that your child can still use this vehicle well past the age of 1 year. There is also an easy-grip grip safety steering wheel with a mechanical horn. The steering mechanism is BIG axle-pivot steering, which gives this Porsche a small and safe turning circle.

GT Buggy Cons

There is no storage space to be found anywhere inside this vehicle. This vehicle cannot convert into a push car, so if your child needs a push to get going you may not want to buy this vehicle. While this vehicle is very easy to assemble there are no additional special features for a child to play with.

There are other ride on/push cars out there for 1 year olds and toddlers. We feel these top 8 are great starting options and are perfect for 1 year old kids. Feel fee to click through to the main site to see a full list of details for each ride on/push car for 1 year olds.

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