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7 Best Ride On Cars For 2 Year Olds – Buyer’s Guide

Ride On Cars7 Best Ride On Cars For 2 Year Olds - Buyer's Guide

Are you Looking for ride on cars For 10 Year Olds? If parents have gotten their kids accustomed to the cool rides that are push cars for at least 1 year, then the kids should have no problems adjusting to vehicles that are more suited for 2-year olds.

There are some ride-on cars that are manufactured with the specific purpose of having young kids making that transition to larger and bulkier rides because they have simply outgrown their previous ride. As a kid matures he or she would like to get a better sense of realism out of the toys they play with.

Feel free to click through on each image to be taken to the official site to see full specs of each ride on car.

If your child is big for their age, please consider looking into car for 3 year old, or even electric cars for 4 year olds for more options!

Best Ride On Cars For 2 Year Olds

BMW i8 Style Premium Ride-On Car

Your 2-year old child will be in awe once he or she sees this beautiful vehicle! This car is 12-volt, MP3 electric battery powered, a battery that is both powerful and rechargeable. This battery can be easily charged overnight and can provide up to 2 hours of uninterrupted fun for your child! The BMW i8 Style Ride On Car is a realistic replica of the sports car.

BMW i8 Pros

Although this car is battery powered, it does have a stroller function that allows parents to pick up and move around at any time. With this function parents can carry this car with the handle under the front head and pull it with the 2 small wheels on the back side. This car also comes with a Parental Remote Controller.

Parents can use this RC device to maintain control of their child’s movements and safely bring their child back. This car also has a good safety feature in its shock absorbers as they allow the ride to be as smooth as possible.

BMW i8 Cons

If parents are looking for flexibility and multiple uses out of a ride-on car, then this wouldn’t be the ride for their child. They must also consider how heavy this car weighs, which would be 39 pounds, so this won’t be a lightweight ride by any means.

Ferrari Electric Ride-On Car

Having a sleek look and a comfortable driver’s seat, any 2-year old child can have fun riding in this car. Having an exceptional build quality this ride-on car contains 2 12-volt motors, but it can be controlled both manually by a child and automatically by a parent via remote control device. Good feeling overall build quality of vehicle.

Ferrari Electric Pros

The Ferrari Electric Ride-On Car features a push-button start-up with engine sounds and MP3 connectivity so your child can play his or her favorite tunes. This car also has a sturdy weight capacity of 55 pounds.

Along with basic steering controls kids can freely move forward and backward as well. After charging the batteries your child can have 1.5 to 2 more hours of fun, and an Aux cord is included.

Ferrari Electric Cons

This ride-on car requires a certain type of battery, which would be 12-volt AH. If this battery type is hard for you to find in stores or it’s too expensive to keep buying this battery online you may want to buy a different car. If you have more than one kid and would like for them to ride in the same car, then this isn’t the car for your family since it has only one seat.

Range Rover Evoque Series 12 Volt

Parents that are looking for a smooth ride for their children will be delighted by the presence of this ride-on car! Powered by a 12-volt battery and having 2 12-volt motors this ride-on car has 4 Remote Control channels in Forward, Backward, Flip Left and Flip Right.

Range Rover Pros

This ride-on car does include a 12-volt battery, an AC charger and a parental Remote Controller that works right away. The lifelike wheels that resemble the Range Rover style are made from top quality non-poisonous plastic.

This car also has a seat belt that will keep kids safely strapped in and the weight capacity is 60 pounds. There are horn and engine sounds that can be activated by a child pushing buttons on the steering wheel.

Range Rover Cons

Like the Ferrari Electric Ride-On Car the Range Rover Evoque Series only has one seat, so if parents are looking to fit two children in the same car this wouldn’t be the right choice. This car is strictly battery operated, so if parents want their child to operate a car on foot this isn’t the car to buy.

Mercedes GLA Ride On

Coming in a sporty blue color this imitation of the Mercedes GLA features an MP3 port that can play your child’s favorite tunes. Meanwhile there are also realistic sound effects and working lights your child can also activate with the push of a button. Watch your child have fun in this ride-on car as he or she honks the horn wearing a seat belt!

Mercedes GLA Pros

One advantage this ride-on car has is that it contains a working air conditioning system. This car has a bluetooth Remote Controller for parents so they can control where their child goes. There are two speed modes that parents can choose for their child, either having the car go at 2 or 4 MPH. This ride-on car is suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 5 years old, so this will be a ride that lasts.

Mercedes GLA Cons

Although this car has an upgraded motor with a 12-volt 7 AH battery and holds a charge for 2 hours, it requires 3 hours for it to get a full charge. According to customer reviews the Remote Controller is questionable as complaints range from it not controlling the throttle more smoothly to connectivity being too slow. This car can’t be used in multiple ways, so it can’t convert into a foot operated push car.

Lamborghini Urus Luxury 12 Volt Ride-On

Parents that are looking to give their young children an authentic driving experience will enjoy having this imitation of a modern day Lamborghini car design. This electric ride-on car is 12-volt battery powered and allows a child to have 1.5 to 2 hours of uninterrupted fun after charging.

Lamborghini Urus Pros

Adults can operate this car by using a 2.4 GHz Remote Controller, and there are two varying speeds this car can go, which would be 2 and 4 MPH. Alternatively children can manually operate this car by themselves. This car also has an adjustable seat belt that allows a protected experience. This car is suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 5.

Lamborghini Urus Cons

Though children will have fun in this ride-on car for as much as 2 uninterrupted hours, the charging time of the car’s battery may not be worth the wait. The charging time of this battery is a range of 8 to 10 hours. This car also has only one seat, so this car isn’t for multiple kids at the same time.

Jaguar F-Type 12 Volt

One of the most beautiful rides a 2-year old child can have would be this ride-on car. Having 2 12-volt Rear Drive Motors and a Remote Steering Box, this car acts like a real ride as it also has functional doors and a functional trunk. This Jaguar F-Type 12-volt Kids Ride On also features an MP3 Player along with SD and USB connectivity.

Jaguar F-Type Pros

There are two ways for this car to be driven, which is either by the child with the steering wheel or by an adult with a 2.4 GHz Remote Controller. This remote allows parents to steer and fully regulate the car if the child isn’t capable of doing so.

This car has 3 varying speeds it can go, which would be at 2, 3 or 4 MPH along with a reverse gear. According to customer reviews this car is easy to assemble as it takes most parents 30 minutes to put together. This car is suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 4.

Jaguar F-Type Cons

This car has a shipping weight of 56 pounds, so this won’t be a light ride-on car for parents to carry. Depending on how parents view the safety of ride-on car tires, the foam rubber/EVA tires with spring suspension may or may not be the most ideal choice.

Audi R8 Spyder 6 Volt

Another comfortable ride for 2-year old kids, this ride-on car has a wide frame and accommodates one rider very well. The stylish look of this car includes working LED headlights, a premium transparent windshield and huge chrome rims and trim. The tires are child trax power trax rubber traction strip tires.

Audi R8 Pros

This ride-on car includes a battery and charger, and having only one speed mode it can move at a decent speed of 2.5 MPH forward and backward. This car also has a racing-taste bucket seat. Like the Mercedes GLA ride-on car, this vehicle is also built to last a while as it is suitable for children from the ages of 2 to 5 years old.

Audi R8 Cons

Unlike most ride-on cars for 2-year olds this one is charged by 6-volt batteries, so if parents are concerned about how long it will take to charge these batteries then they should consider another ride-on car. This vehicle is not lightweight as it weighs 39 pounds, so it’s not that easy to move it aside. This car also doesn’t include a seat belt.

We know there are many options when it comes to Ride On cars for 2 year olds, however we feel that these top 7 are great for the price, are very safe and comfortable for the little one!