Cars for 8 Year Olds – 4 Best Options

Now that your child is 8 years old. They are rambunctious, fun, daring and a complete handful.

At this age their gross motor skills are pretty solid and well-developed.

This is also the time where they may become more athletic. They may now want to try things like soccer, basketball, skiing, ice skating, golf, dance and gymnastics.

Some may also want to be a little more daring and try things that might be considered a little dangerous.

So, what does this have to do with a ride on cars.? Well, within the athleticism world racing is a wonderful option for children of this age and older.

Please consider cars for 7 year olds if your child is a little small for their age, and cars for 9 year olds if they are a little big for their age.

Cars For 8 Year Olds

The ride-on car industry more than ever, now caters to all ages and develops their cars according to what kids may be attracted to. 

At the same time, an 8-year old is still young enough to just want to play around and have fun. So, whether the motive is to try something daring or to try something fun, a ride on car is still the perfect toy for your 8 year old.

We have compiled some of the best ride-on car options for your eight-year-old that will keep them entertained and physically involved.

Here are our best ride on cars for 8 year olds:

Kid Trax Dodge Charger Pursuit 12v Police Car

This police ride-on car is absolutely amazing I mean look at the design. This design definitely represents the current trend in police cars for today.

It has a look that definitely appeals to older kids and would still be appealing to younger kids as well. And one of the great things about this option is that it ships, within 24 hours of you ordering.

Dodge Charger Pursuit Pros

This model comes fully loaded with a PA system megaphone, that can scare any of the bad guys away in the neighborhood. It is equipped with a mock police a screen. Also, you will love the real working doors that are made for simple entry for your kiddos.

I say kiddos because if you have two kids or a neighborhood kid that comes over often, this police car of “Epic Proportion” is a two-seater four loads more of fun

Let me just break down some of the outward features like functional side mirrors, a vinyl seat cover, and stylish chrome rims, tailpipes and blazing headlights

The lowest speed starts at 2.5 miles per hour; if they’re just taking a leisurely patrol around the neighborhood it’s not too fast or overwhelming. If they want to ramp up their police chases, this car goes up to five miles per hour for a more speedy and daring ride. Then the car does go back and reverses at 2.5 miles per hour, as we wouldn’t want them running into anyone by accident .

Since this is a two-seater it can carry more weight. So, this epic police car design can hold up to 120 lbs.

Dodge Charger Pursuit Cons

I would say that the only con would be is at this particular police is rather noisy. It fully equipped to sound very similar to an actual cop car.

As mentioned before it comes equipped with a megaphone, sirens and real-life motor sounds. This may get on your nerves after a while or it may drive the neighbors crazy. So, that is something thing to be mindful of. 

2 Seater Land Rover Ride On

A Hummer is an all-out adult car. So, we thought anyway. If your child is more to the grown-up side, this is the car that they will absolutely love. It’s almost big enough to take the whole family for a ride.

Land Rover Pros

This model is a regulated and approved version of Hummer. So, it is made and designed with a same type of care safety and quality. It comes with a battery indicator and realistic headlights.

The quality of the paint job on this ride on car, is as professional as the real deal that you would find on an actual Hummer.

It comes with a massive one-seater, that can maybe be shared with two small kids. The speed can go up to as much as 5 miles per hour.

To add to the fun, there is the ability to play music and honk the horn for all those who stand in their way.

Land Rover Cons

This model of car is rather detailed and requires a bit of involvement in the assembly process. So, this is a design where you may want to carve out time to assemble correctly. Other than that, once things are up and rolling, there’s much fun to be had!

2 Seater Mercedes Benz G63 Ride On

I think this car is in a league of its own. It’s just a combination of so many things. First of all, it’s a combination between a ranger and a jeep. It has the stealth of a superhero car and the class of a Mercedes-Benz. It’s just very unique.

One thing that a parent might really love about this right on car, is that it’s an actual product that is licensed under Mercedes-Benz. The designers and engineers were incredibly on point with when designing this particular model.

So, if you don’t mind your child developing expensive taste while they’re young, what an exclusive toy to add to their foot.

Mercedes Benz G63 Pros

This car is also designed for parent and child fun in togetherness. So, if you so desire to have expensive taste along with your child, you can use the parent controller. This remote controller, gives you the exquisite fun and control to make the ride what you wanted to be! At the same time, keeping your child on the edge of excitement. Not know what the ride will entail next.

If you care not to control the ride, it’s equally just as fun to watch your kid be in control of the acceleration pedal, lifelike steering wheel and bumping music that they can play through the MP3 hookup!

Mercedes Benz G63 Cons

Well, if you’re not super into building or assembling things, you might just have to get your mind into that kind of groove. However, the manual does come with great and clear instructions, that once you get into it; you may find yourself having a good time.

Mercedes SLS Final Edition 12v Ride-On

This particular model almost had me blowing my mind! I mean when you look at this car from every angle, do you not get a little jealous?

I mean think about it, what did your first car look like? Mine was old and worn out and had been used in the family when we were kids. It was about 9 or 10 years old when I inherited it.

Trust me I was thankful for it, but when I see that kids can drive extremely stylish ride on cars, I’m like “They are already ahead of me in life.” 

Mercedes SLS Pros

This is a brand-new model, directly manufactured under the Mercedes-Benz licensing. So, you can rest assure that you are getting a premium design.

This epic stylish model comes with a 2.4 gigahertz long range, parental control. So, although you may secretly desire to drive the car yourself, you can at least joyride with your child.

It comes equipped with two motors for extra power and longevity. The brake systems were even made with extra care. They were made with soft start electronic and brake system.

The tires weren’t left out of the game either. The tires on this sophisticated ride, comes loaded with EVA foam rubber for extra support and durability.

In regards to speed, there are three speeds available. The speed ranges from 3 to 5 miles per hour. However, we enter parent supervision you can use the parental control to control their speed. 

The inside of the car comes equipped with an MP3 + MP4 entertainment system with a color LCD touch screen. 

So, this means it’s means your kiddo, can either Jam to any kind of music he or she wants; or they can slow cruise and watch a movie.

I could just go on and on about what to say. The truth is you and your child just need this car in your life.

Mercedes SLS Cons

You might get driven a little bit crazy, if your child is asking to drive this car but, it’s not ready to be driven yet. What does that mean? It just simply means that this car takes a number of hours to charge up. It can take 8 to 10 hours for a full charge. Other than that, there’s really nothing else. It’s a wonderful ride on car to add to your child’s playful experience.

Actually, on second thought here is more of a suggestion. You may want to use the parental control if your child desires to watch a movie and ride in the car. This is just too nice of a ride-on car to have them run into the garage door and dent it. With the parental control in your hands, they can still enjoy a great ride and movie time.

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