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Ride On Toys For Girls – A Complete Guide

UncategorizedRide On Toys For Girls - A Complete Guide

Have you been considering ride on toys for girls? That is really a great idea!

I feel that little girls are drawn to ride on toys, because they help fuel the imagination. If you have a little girl, I am sure you don’t need me to point out, how their imaginations are so easily stirred up.

Imagination in this generation is like a dying commodity. Technology is both a blessing and a curse. In many ways, it makes the lives of kids and adults more convenient. However, all the digital games and devices, can damper the natural imaginative side of a child.

Ride On Toys For Girls According To The Age Group

For Girls 1 – 3 Years Old – Pink Push Around Buggy

This is definitely an option for a little toddler, up to three years old. Naturally, she would be drawn the vibrancy of color. Also, children are naturally drawn to rounded shapes and features. It is a nice option to have, beyond the typical “stroller”.

This little buggy is also a great option to have around, if you are desiring to transition your little from a stroller, to a buggy. That will be great, because while she is being pushed around in this, she can play with the steering wheel. It may not seem like a big, but the wheel will help to develop your daughters motor skills.

She will also come to learn, that when she gets a little hungry or thirsty, there are snacks and water, hiding in the under-the-hood storage compartment. It will further encourage them to ask for the things, they want and need.

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For Girls 4 – 5 Years Old – Classic Dual Deck Tricycle

There is just something very captivating about a retro-looking toy. It stirs up the curiosity of a little girl, because it looks like something different, then what their eyes see in their everyday experience. Also, there would be a natural draw to this soft and feminine, pink color.

At this age (4 to 5) your little girl, will be a lot more mobile. She will want to try certain things on her own. A trike will give you her the extra support, but yet the freedom to pedal her way around the neighborhood. Since, most girls this age like “bells and whistles”, your girl will take pleasure in ringing the bell, as she rolls through the neighborhood.

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For Girls 5 – 7 Years Old – Bentley GTC 6V Electric Ride On

I would recommend this for a girl between ages 5 to 7. At this age, the “baby toys” have more than likely been put away. Girls, at this age love to mock the older women in their lives. They like to play dress up. They like to play-house and take care of a “family”. A ride -on car that looks just as cool (or cooler than) mommy’s car, would greatly enhance their play time.

I believe your girl will be excited over the life like horns, front lights and the realistic car key.

This type of ride-on gives a little girl a sense of “I am growing up”, which they absolutely tend to love! Girls, love to have their parents’ attention and interest at this age. So, you can partake in the fun with the parental remote control.

For Girls 8-13 Years Old – Razor E100 Electric Scooter

This is a powered scooter, for the girls who are age 8 to 13. In this age category, girls are in the process of stepping away from what looks “too little girl-sih” they have become more aware of what is “cool” and what is “uncool”. Girls, at this age want to fit in with their friends or be able to “show off” something cool that sets them apart.

Older girls, are drawn to scooters like this because they like speed and independence. This model comes in colors that still represent the “girly girl” side.

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So, if you would like to continue cultivating that side of your daughter, grand-daughter or niece a ride on toy is a wonderful option.

Also, girls love to mimic what they see adults do. Ride-on toys gives them the sense of “doing” what the adults do.

Ride on toys are a wonderful addition, to include in your child’s daily life.

What Exactly Are Ride On Toys?

Ride on cars are ride-on toys can be available to kids into their teen years.

Ride on toys, can be skateboards, pogo sticks, Segway’s, scooters, bikes, wagons and powered cars. 

As you can see, there are many options to choose from. It just all depends on what you or your child wants; at their age and level of motor skills.

Ride on cars are powered in three different ways. There are push and pull toys, like wagons. Then there are pedal powered toys. So, basically those would be non-powered are ride-ons like, tricycles and bicycles. The last type of ride on would be battery or electricity power toys. Those would include powered cars, powered scooters and powered bikes.

Benefits of Ride On Toys for Girls

Development of Fine Motor Skills

If you can believe it or not, ride on toys can help your child develop their motor skills, from their toddler years. For little girls, this would definitely accelerate their motor skills development. Since, girls are (generally speaking) are known to develop their motor skills rather quickly.

So, how exactly does it help develop fine motor skills? Well, it helps them to develop their grasp on things like steering wheels, joysticks, and what other gadgets manufacturers like to put in. Exercising those muscles helps them to have a better grasp all around.

-Desire to Explore

The next thing that ride on toys do, is stir up in girls is the desire to explore. This goes along with what I was talking about earlier, in regards to imagination. Imagination, fuels exploration. Imagination and ride-on toys, fuels the curiosity and desire for exploration.

A Natural Integration of Physical Activity

Physical activity. It seems as though physical activity amongst kids, becomes less and less with each generation. Where little girls used to play outside a lot more, or work on crafts, etc. It is as though more and more; indoor activities are taking its place. There are so many TV channels and shows to keep them sitting in front of the telly. All the digital games and toys, are killing the interest of being outside. Having a ride-on toy where one has to exert physical activity, opens the door for a child to be a child in a more natural sense.

The type of ride-on toys that will get your little girl some extra activity are bikes, trikes and skateboards. These options help to strengthen your child’s ability to have a greater balance, strengthen muscles and build endurance.

Increase Share and Play-Time

Ride on toys also gives girls opportunities to play with others. There are several types of ride-on toys that allow for their friend, or a sibling to join them in on the fun. Not only are they having a good time but, they are also learning how to share. They are also learning how to communicate and think about others and not just themselves. 

Suggested Ride On Toys Per Age Group

From about two years old , little girls would enjoy a slow speed electric car. Yes, they may not be strong enough to power it themselves. However, many ride-on cars tend to come with a parental remote control. You are then able to set the parameters and drive the car for them.

Girls between the ages of 3 to 4 years old, would like to with play something a little bit faster. They are able to grasp things push and pull things. So, a ride-on with some extra bells, whistles and horns would be something that they would enjoy.

As your child gets a little older, your little girl might want something that looks more realistic. For ages 5 to 7, little girls are drawn to more interested in things that look realistic. Ride- on toys in this age category, tend to come with radios, horns and other built in features, that mimic adult cars. I have mentioned earlier; little girls love to mimic what they see in real life. I believe, that your little girl would be thrilled to have a car realistic like Mommy’s car.

Girls between ages of 8 to 13, might begin to want something that has better, more mechanical features. They may be drifting away from their imaginative state. Naturally, causing them to want something fast and impressive to show off to their girlfriends. In that case, they would definitely enjoy electric scooters and Segway’s. 

For girls that are 14 years and up, they are definitely wanting more of what adults have. They may even be dreaming of the real car that they might get for their milestone birthday’s, coming around the corner. So, they will be more drawn to bigger and better options, that might be go-karts, powered vehicles and ATV’s.

There might be some overlap between the age groups, when it comes to deciding on what type of ride-on toy to get your little girl.  With that being said, there are some general recommendations below just to give you an idea of what is available on the market.

There are plenty of ride on toys for girls out there, however we feel these are by far the best choices when compared to similar products.