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12 Amazing Barbie Car For Kids For All Barbie Doll Lovers!

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Barbies are the favourite of kids, as well as cars. So, why don’t you keep a barbie car in your kid’s playroom and surprise them with it?

There is a high chance that a barbie car for kids will be the new favourite toy of your kid in no time.

Though a barbie car seems like no great toy, this is a creation of this new era where people genuinely believe in gender equality. A barbie ride car looks very adorable from the outside and improves the overall motor skills of your kid, thus stimulating the kid’s mental and physical health.

No wonder a barbie car for kids almost always comes in beautiful pink colours as they symbolize barbies. These cars range from jeep danglers to even Porsche, providing a sheer delight to the eye. Those cars function differently and provide different features causing them to offer different price ranges.

If you decide to buy a barbie ride-on car, go ahead with our article as we carefully picked some of the unique barbie cars that kids might enjoy.

Barbie car for kids

12 Budget-Friendly Barbie Car For Kids

  1. BARBIE Volkswagen Vehicle SUV
    This barbie car for kids is designed as a Volkswagen bus and comes in two beautiful purple and pink tone. It includes a doll-size car seat secured with seat belts and provides an average 4.5 inches of height. It operates on two alkaline batteries and lasts for a long time if played carefully. This car also provides a working horn and a sliding door for a fun experience.
  2. Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler
    166 Reviews
    Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Wrangler
    It is a great barbie ride on car that comes in pretty graphics and a cute style. The doors of this vehicle can be easily opened and closed for easy in and out. This jeep has a spacious storage portion where kids can store their stuff. It also includes a parent-controlled lock for extra safety in the case of little kids. It operates on a rechargeable 12 volts battery.
  3. Barbie Sparkly Silver 2-Seater Car
    1,520 Reviews
    Barbie Sparkly Silver 2-Seater Car
    This barbie car for kids is designed as a 2 seater sports car that comes in a sparkly silver exterior and pink interior. The classy scissor doors, LED headlights, and rims painted in the rainbow pattern make this jeep eye-soothing and kids get intrigued by this. Also, the leather seats of this vehicle provide extreme comforts to the rides
  4. VALUE BOX Electric Remote Control Truck
    1,656 Reviews
    VALUE BOX Electric Remote Control Truck
    This barbie ride on car has an in-built music system provided through aux cords where kids can enjoy pre-programmed music. This realistic design also includes LED headlights, adjustable seatbelts, and an easy switch-on-off button for smooth riding. However, this car has a capacity of 66 lbs weight load. The 6 volts rechargeable battery provides a long time of riding experience.
  5. TOBBI Kids Ride On Car
    2,646 Reviews
    TOBBI Kids Ride On Car
    This amazing barbie car for kids made in a realistic design provides movable rear view mirror, active LED headlights, and doors that can be easily opened or closed for going in or out. It includes a switch that controls low-speed or high-speed providing a better car riding experience to the kids. One full charge can provide the car with around 60 minutes of a fun experience, and after that, you can charge it by charging the rechargeable battery.
  6. Kidzone Kids Lamborghini Electric Ride
    1,819 Reviews
    Kidzone Kids Lamborghini Electric Ride
    This Lamborghini style barbie ride on car comes in a casual pink color with a rechargeable battery f 12 volts and 4.5AH and two 25 AH motors giving it a powerful build. It also provides 3-point seat belts which are safer than others. This material is PP plastic which is water and mud-resistant in nature. It holds a maximum of 55 lbs. of weight and is recommended for little kids.
  7. Kid Trax Disney Frozen Kids Ride Car
    357 Reviews
    Kid Trax Disney Frozen Kids Ride Car
    This stylish barbie car for kids is inspired by Disney Frozen as comes with snowflake details. It also has pretty graphics of Anna and Elsa and is considered ideal for children aged from 3 to 5 years. This vehicle can hold up to 60 lbs. of weight, hence kids should be safe while riding it. It has a lifelike foot pedal acceleration for a fun experience.
  8. Barbie Convertible 2-Seater Vehicle
    2,620 Reviews
    Barbie Convertible 2-Seater Vehicle
    This excellent barbie ride on car is made in a sporty shape and with a soothing pink exterior. The interior design of this car is black and includes many realistic details such as safety belts, rearview mirrors, and a black grille. You can customize a number plate of your choice on this vehicle before ordering which makes the car all the more lifelike. This vehicle is ideal for 3–7-year-old kids.
  9. JOYMOR 12V Ride on Truck
    882 Reviews
    JOYMOR 12V Ride on Truck
    This barbie car for kids has a soft start for smooth acceleration and reliable braking. It has realistic features such as a steering wheel, shift lever, foot pedal brake, dashboard etc. It has both manual control mode and parental control mode; you can choose whatever suits your kids. Both side doors contain a magnetic lock for properly closing which prevents accidents while traveling on rough surfaces.
  10. Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV
    1,078 Reviews
    Power Wheels Barbie Pink Racing ATV
    This barbie ride on car is an in-built ATV which comes in a flashy pink color. It has two driving speeds, that are 3 mph and 6 mph. This vehicle is suitable for driving rough terrain and rocky surfaces. The parent-controlled lock powered by a rechargeable battery provides extra safety to the rider. Preschool kids can enjoy this ride while maintaining the standard safety measures.
  11. Costzon Barbie Ride on Car
    491 Reviews
    Costzon Barbie Ride on Car
    This barbie car for kids comes with a rechargeable battery that provides a long period of service. The forward and reverse gear and the foot pedal brakes make riding this vehicle a really fun driving experience. This car has an installation of a shock absorber spring in each wheel that minimizes jerking. The wheels also have a wear resistance which decreases the accident risk.
  12. 10 Leccion Barbie Jeep Ride
    697 Reviews
    10 Leccion Barbie Jeep Ride
    The barbie car for kids is a unique designed truck controlled by electric remote. This has also a built-in 2.40GHz radio-controlled system. The soft tires of this car provide slip resistance and decrease the chances of accidents. This truck is suitable for kids ranging from 8-12 years of age. It has two rechargeable batteries which provide an extra period of fun driving experience.

Wrapping up

Barbie cars for kids have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There are several different models of barbie cars which hugely vary in price ranges and work functions. This article shows you a clear picture of some of the affordable handpicked barbie cars and talks about their various aspects. You should choose one according to your taste and your kid’s interests as long as your kid is safe and satisfied with them.

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