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2 Awesome Hoverboards for 3 Year Olds: Top Picks

Hoverboards For 3 Year Olds


Are you searching for hoverboards For 3 Year Olds? Hoverboards are not designed for three-year-olds, so finding one that they can safely ride is quite difficult.

Children of this age are generally safer riding an electric scooter or car for several reasons:

  • Motor skills are not fully developed
  • The average weight is under 40 pounds
  • Reflexes are not fully developed
  • Do not fully understand the operation or dangers of the toy

2 Mindblowing Picks for Hoverboards For 3 Year Olds

Toddlers need to develop strength in the trunk muscles before attempting to ride a toy that requires complex movements to guide it.

But if your three-year-old just must have a hoverboard like his older siblings, here are some general guidelines on what to look for. Keep in mind, there are other options for bigger or smaller children, see 4 year old and 2 year old for more info.

Here are the perfect hoverboards for a 3 year old child:

1. Hoverboard to go-cart

BALEY Hoverboard Hover KartThe Baley Hoverboard Hover Kart attaches to hoverboards with 6.5”, 8”, or 10” wheels. This transforms the hoverboard into a go-cart for your toddler to ride.

This negates the minimum weight capacity since the frame will weigh more than enough to make the hoverboard cooperate properly. The possibility of falls is eliminated since the child is sitting, and toddlers can guide the cart with the attached bar.

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The extra length of the frame reduces the likelihood of personal impact if the cart collides with another object. Toddlers will need to learn how to steer even if the cart frame is attached to the hoverboard. This allows them to join the bigger kids in the fun of riding without putting them at unnecessary risk of injury.

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2. Adjustable Speed Hoverboards

TOMOLOO HoverboardIf possible, it is safest to get a hoverboard that has adjustable speeds. This will allow you to start your toddler out at speeds slow enough to match his undeveloped reflexes. 

They will need time to understand which motion produces the intended result. A board that can be slowed down to an appropriate speed can help them develop these skills while keeping them safe. Then the speed can be increased as their abilities increase.

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A hoverboard such as the Tomoloo is a great choice. This hoverboard can be controlled by a smartphone app to place the speed in beginner settings.

This board is powerful enough for a fun ride without being too wild and dangerous for a little kid. They can ride on the go-cart attachment until they are big enough to ride standing up. You can start them out at slow speeds until they are skilled at guiding the contraption, and gradually increase speed as they get bigger.

At the least, a hoverboard equipped with a learner mode will provide some safeguards against accidents caused by too much speed.

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General Specifications For Maximum Safety

The safest hoverboard for a three-year-old has:

  • A maximum speed of five miles per hour
  • A minimum weight capacity of thirty pounds
  • Four-and-one-half-inch wheels
  • The ability to self-balance

We will look at the reasons for these guidelines to help you better understand the risks of three-year-olds riding hoverboards.

Five MPH Limit

Your toddler’s hoverboard should not go faster than five miles per hour because their reflexes are not developed enough to adequately steer the board away from obstacles. 

They may not have the proper muscle strength or motor skills to turn the board using only the motion of the hips. Nor do they have the foresight and good judgment to avoid danger. They only know the thrill of the ride, not the dangers associated with it.

They do not know to watch for uneven terrain or breaks in the concrete nor do they have the ability to respond properly if the board gets into trouble like if the board ventures onto the road. The faster the board goes, the greater the chance that they will run into something or be thrown off. This can inflict severe injury.

The board needs to go slowly enough that you can keep up on foot and help your child stay out of danger while they enjoy themselves on the ride.

Minimum Weight

Most hoverboards have a minimum weight limit of forty pounds. Few three-year-olds meet this requirement.

With a weight less than the minimum weight limit, the hoverboard may not sense when your child is standing on it. This may cause it to work erratically or not at all. Erratic functioning can throw your child off and result in serious injury. Not reaching the minimum weight also means that your child’s ability to guide the board will be compromised. The hoverboard may not sense the signals to stop or turn if your child is not heavy enough.

It is important to your child’s safety that all manufacturer warnings and recommendations are followed.

Four And One-Half Inch Wheels

It is extremely difficult to find hoverboards that have wheels smaller than six and one-half inches.

But for your toddler’s safety, their hoverboard’s wheels should be no more than four and one-half inches. The reason for this is that the larger the wheels, the faster the board goes. We have already discussed the danger of faster speeds with children of this age. It is simply too dangerous to allow a toddler to ride a hoverboard at speeds exceeding five miles per hour.

Most hoverboards with 4.5” wheels run between three and five miles per hour. This is the safest speed for children under five years old.


Most of today’s hoverboards can self-balance and this is most important for your three-year-old.

Toddlers do not have the fine motor skills or proper control of the trunk muscles to balance themselves on a moving object. They may not even be able to keep themselves upright on the board once it is moving. This is a big enough challenge for adults, let alone toddlers. If their hoverboard does not balance itself, it will make it much more difficult and dangerous for them to ride. A fall on concrete or pavement can cause serious or even fatal injuries.

For maximum safety, make sure that your child’s hoverboard can balance itself.

If you are unable to find a hoverboard that matches all the preceding guidelines, your toddler can still enjoy the thrill of the ride with a little improvisation. here are a few options.

Concluding hoverboards for 3 year olds

We hope you liked our article on hoverboards for 3 year olds. Most hoverboard manufacturers recommend that riders be at least six years old because of the complexity of maneuvering these machines. They are just more complicated than a three-year-old is capable of handling. Severe injury can result from ignoring manufacturers’ warnings. However, it is extremely difficult to explain to a toddler why he can’t enjoy the same things everybody else enjoys.

The preceding options provide a way for your toddler to be included in the fun without needing a trip to the ER.