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Best Go Karts for 7 Year Olds-Top Picks and Parent’s Guide

Go Karts For 7 Year Olds


Are you looking for Go Karts For 7 Year Olds? If your 7 year old is looking for a way to explore the outdoors, a go-kart might be just the ticket. Go-karts are a fun activity especially the pedal-powered go karts for 7 year olds, perfect for this age group.
With Pedal-powered go karts for 7 year olds, your child can pedal their way around the neighborhood getting fresh air and exercise. But understanding what to look for and which models are amazing at this age can be a little overwhelming.

To that end we have put together this guide to give you a bit more information so that you can make an informed decision.

2 Incredible Picks For Go Karts for 7 Year Olds

Below we have compared some go karts for 7 year olds side by side so you can look at the pros and cons of some of the perfect go karts in this age range and make an informed decision.

1. Radio Flyer Ultimate Go Kart

Radio Flyer Ultimate Go KartIf you are worried about safety accessories, this design comes with a flag on the back.

It also comes with a seat belt for extra safety so you don’t have to worry about your child accidentally falling out in the event of a collision.

It has a great retro theme to the body and it actually looks like the type of go-kart you might see in a race. So if your child is already a fan of go-karting, the Retro look might be what does it for them.

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This is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 9. It is an electric design that comes with a battery. The battery has three different forward speeds alongside a Parental Control Function.

The three speeds are 2.5 miles per hour, 5 miles per hour, and 8 miles per hour. If you don’t want your child going too fast you can use the Speed Lock to set it at 2.5 miles per hour. When your child goes in reverse, there’s only one speed of 2.5 miles per hour.

The front tires have rubber traction and the back tires are very wide. The seat is adjustable so if your child gets bigger you don’t have to worry about them any longer fitting because you can adjust it.

It has a weight capacity of 81 lbs so your child can use it until they reach that weight.

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  • There is a safety flag attached to the back so you can always see your child
  • There is a battery and charger included
  • There are 3 speeds and the parental controlled lock for speed
  • It is suitable for 3-9 year olds

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  • The short design might be uncomfortable for taller, and older children
  • The charger might need to be replaced frequently

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2. Berg Pedal Car Buddy Lua

Berg Pedal Car Buddy LuaThis model comes in a few different colour schemes, pink and turquoise for girls and orange and blue for boys.

It is a top-of-the-line go-kart for kids with a very simple design that works well. When you put it together you won’t face an array of gears or chains. It’s one of the easiest to set up for parents which might be something you prefer.

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It has a metal frame that is very durable and leaves your child protected. What’s more, it’s a stable design with four wheels that allow your child to make sharp turns without losing any of their traction.

It has reverse functions, freewheel functions, and brake functions, which let your child drive forward or back, perfect for getting themselves out of tricky corners or blocked spaces. The steering wheel is very easy to use as are the pedals.

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  • It comes with a brake, reverses, and freewheel system so it is easy to move around and control
  • Has pneumatic tires, very stable when going around corners
  • It has an adjustable seat
  • It is very lightweight so you won’t have trouble moving it around

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  • The driver needs a lot of strength to control it
  • The brake is tied to a single tire, not all 4 tires

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What Type of Go Kart is Best at this Age?

Age is the biggest factor when considering which go kart for 7 year olds. The table below explains which types are suitable for each age.

AgeBest Type of Go Kart
3Pedal powered
4Pedal powered
5Pedal powered
6Pedal powered
7Electric powered
8Electric powered
9Electric powered
10Electric powered
11Electric powered
12 +Gas powered

At this age because of their size and their abilities, 7 year olds shouldn’t really be using electric-powered go karts for 7 year olds and they certainly shouldn’t be using gas-powered.

There are however situations in which your child might be ready for an electric powered design meant for older children but that’s a decision you have to make with your family.

Why Is Pedal Needed In Go Karts For 7 Year Olds?

The pedal-powered go-kart is very similar to a bicycle in that all of the power comes from your child. These are the perfect options for beginners and younger children.

They don’t require a great deal of accessories or time to charge the batteries. They promote good exercise and let your child control their speed the entire time so they feel safe and have fun.

Pedal-powered designs are generally small and obviously if your child gets tired, they will have to take a break but they are very easy to control, very stable, and they don’t require a lot of dexterity or skill to use.

Considerations When Choosing Go Karts For 7 Year Olds

When you compare different pedal powered go karts, there are a few things you want to look for:

1. Safety

Safety is very important and go karts that have steel frames are going to protect your child more in the event that they roll over or fall over.

Durable tires are equally important because they prevent the go-kart from slipping especially on a smooth or soft surface. The more traction the tires have, the less likely your child will lose control.

Having a helmet is very important to prevent any damage in the event of an accident as well as a safety flag that you can purchase separately and affix to the back of the go-kart.

2. Durability

Durability is very important. This comes down to the material used in the go cart design. Having a steel frame is going to be one of the most important things at this age.

For younger children, plastic frames are fine, but at this age, a steel frame is going to last longer and it won’t break on impact. If you have a lot of extra components to the design or the body, those might be made of plastic which is perfectly fine because they are not there to protect your child.

3. Indoor/Outdoor

Figure out where you want your child to primarily be driving. Some families want a go-kart for their youngest child so that they can take it out on trails or outdoor terrain, specifically off-road terrain.

Other parents prefer a model that is used exclusively for local driving, perhaps down the hallway, in the garage, or in the backyard.

In these situations you have to investigate things like the features and whether it is designed for indoor use or outdoor use, more specifically whether it’s designed for smooth surfaces or rough surfaces.

The more versatile the go-kart is, the easier it is for your child to navigate things like rough gravel, pebbles on the sidewalk, or grass in the backyard.

4. Features

Finally, the features matter. The features in this regard refer to things like the level of traction on the tires, the type of steering system the go-kart has, what brakes it has, and whether it can go in reverse as well.

Having a handbrake that connects to both rear tires might be very important to you whereas having the ability for your child to go in reverse as well as go in forward directions could be equally important. These are all things that you have to consider and weigh in terms of their importance. 

Overall the decision comes down to what features you think are most important and which model and design offer the largest number of features that matter to you and your child.

Concluding go-kart for 7 year olds

You could find it crucial to have a handbrake that engages with both rear tyres, whereas your youngster may find it equally crucial to be able to move forward and backwards. You must take each of these into account and evaluate their relative relevance.

In the end, the choice will depend on whatever features you and your child value most and which model and design offer the greatest amount of those features.

Before buying a go-kart for 7 year olds, you should consider all of these aspects we have stated down here in this article.

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