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Check Our Top Picks for Go Karts For 4 Year Olds

Go-KartCheck Our Top Picks for Go Karts For 4 Year Olds

Are you looking for Go Karts For 4 Year Olds? If you are looking for the perfect go-kart for your child, there are a lot of things to consider like the durability, the speed, the type. As a worried parent you might want certain safety features to be built-in or you just might want to know what extra features to purchase in order to keep your child as safe as possible. 

To help you with this we have put together this informational guide to explain what to look for at certain ages, and what features might be most important for your situation.

If your child is small or big for their age, you may want to consider go kart for 3 year olds, or go kart for 5 year old.

Top Picks for Go Karts For 4 Year Olds

Knowing which model is best for your child is important but it’s equally important to compare some products side-by-side. To help you with that we have put together some of the best go-karts for this age so that you can look at their pros and cons and make a decision on your own.

Hauck Nerf Striker Go Kart

If your child loves Nerf guns, there is really no other option than this particular design. It is bright and colorful and looks like all the marketing material you’ve ever seen for Nerf guns. In fact, this design is meant for people who have a range of Nerf guns alongside refillable Nerf gun darts because it has placeholders for darts, brackets, and Nerf guns. This means your children can ride around and grab their toy while still on the go-kart.

The tires are very durable and low profile, able to go over a range of different terrains. It has a three-point wheel that turns very efficiently. There is a handbrake so your child can safely stop when they need to.

The ergonomic seat is adjustable so your child can grow with the go-kart. It weighs only 13 lbs which makes it easy for parents to move around and store.

Hauck Nerf Striker Pros

  • Has a place for Nerf guns to be stored
  • The seat is ergonomic
  • It can handle off road and on road terrains
  • It is lightweight, at only 13 pounds so you can lift it easily

Hauck Nerf Striker Cons

  • The nerf gun holders might not fit every type of nerf gun
  • It is a louder model of go kart for a pedal cart

Aosom Pedal Go Kart

If you want something that you can allow your child to drive indoors or outdoors, consider this one. This is one of the heavier models weighing 35 lbs but it weighs so much because it has a steel frame that is very hefty and suitable for every terrain and surface.

Some parents who are concerned about the lightweight design of smaller pedal powered go karts will take comfort in the heavier design and durability of this model.

It has black and orange details with anti-slip tires and a built-in handbrake. It can be driven in forward or reverse to help your child get around easily.

Your child will be able to drive this on smooth surfaces or in the backyard across grass even gravel so it is one of the more generally applicable options for people who don’t necessarily have a paved driveway for their child to use.

Aosom Pedal Go Kart Pros

  • Good for ages 3-8
  • Has anti slip tires
  • There is a built in hand brake
  • The construction is durable so it is safe for even small children
  • It can go forward or in reverse

Aosom Pedal Go Kart Cons

  • The pedals are small
  • You might have a challenge following the instructions and putting it all together

Finding the best go kart

There are many factors to consider when you look for a go-kart especially for small children. Things that might dictate whether an investment is suitable for you will apply to kids where they wouldn’t apply to teenagers or adults.

The type

Before you start typing in your credit card number, make sure you know which type you want. This will narrow down your choices and make it a lot easier to look at what’s most suitable.

If you have a very young child and this is the first go-kart they will receive, the pedal-powered go-kart is going to be the better investment. If instead your child already started with the pedal-powered go-kart, and they are coming up on double digits for their next birthday or two, then you can switch to the electric go kart.

Age and Size

You have to consider the age and the size of your child. Of the different designs, the age your child is currently will play one of the biggest rules in deciding what model is best for you.

A four-year-old will generally stick with the introductory pedal-powered model as this is a smaller physical design intended for children at this age. As they get older they can move up to the electric powered.

Type of Go KartRecommended Age Group
Pedal powered2-7
Electric powered8-11
Gas powered12 +

Their safety

Safety is of course the most important thing. Thankfully, go karts are designed to have a steel sided frame so in the event that they somehow turn over, which with the smaller models like the pedal powered model is simply not likely, your child is still protected.

In fact, this level of protection is much higher than what you would get on a bicycle. Even if they don’t look like it, they are generally very stable. Some things to look for tough seatbelts. It’s not a necessity but it might help give you a bit more peace of mind. 

Also check out the tires. Just the same as you want your tires to be good for the different conditions in which you are driving, you want the tires on the go-kart you choose to be suitable. 

Durable tires that have better traction will prevent the go-kart from slipping and it will prevent your child from accidentally losing control. With even the smaller pedal-powered designs this is going to be important as it will instill a lot of confidence in your child as they are just learning to drive.

If you plan to take the electric powered models or even the pedal powered models on the road, anyroad whether it’s around your local cul-de-sac or at Grandma and Grandpa’s Ranch, invest in a safety flag. Usually you have to purchase these separately but it’s well worth the money.

The Durability

There are a lot of different materials from which the go-kart can be crafted and much the same as any other piece of exercise equipment, the more durable the materials, the more durable the design.

You can find go-karts comprised mainly of plastic or of steel. Naturally the plastic frames are not a good investment for older children or electric powered models as this is the time when they are more likely to get in tiny scuffles and plastic will break as soon as there is any impact. 

Steel will obviously protect your children but it’s not the worst thing if you are just buying a plastic frame pedal-powered go-kart for a small three-year-old because at that age it’s unlikely that they will generate enough speed to make a significant dent if there is an impact.