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4 Best Ride On Cars For 12 Year Olds – Buyer’s Guide

Ride On Cars4 Best Ride On Cars For 12 Year Olds - Buyer's Guide

Are you searching for ride on cars For 12 Year Olds? Well, now your child is literally on the brink of their teenage years! This is a time of many awkward phases for both you and your child! At this age, the greatest transitions are beginning. It’s all exciting and frustrating at the same time.

There may be a world of personalities, dramas, attitudes and all over the place thinking. At times it may drive both you and them up the wall.

They might be more apt to speak their mind and be a little defiant. They might think, they like to be grown up even though they don’t pay a bill. It’s just all around a very interesting time.

One thing that is still true to a 12-year-old, is that they still like to have a bit of fun. Why not add a more grown up, ATV to the mix? It’ll fill some of that need they have to feel like an adult.

If your 12 year old is a little small for their age, please consider these cars for 11 year olds, or even electric cars for 10 year olds to drive.

Best Ride On Cars For 12 Year Olds

The cool thing, about some of these options we are going to talk about today, is that some of you parents can actually ride them too. It serves two purposes for the price of one!

In this age, where bonding with your kid gets more and more challenging, this could be the perfect and fun way to connect with your half way grown child.

Here are our best ATVs for 12 year olds:

X-PRO Cougar 1000 Electric Kids ATV Quad

This quad is not for the kid that is playing around! It most definitely represents the kid who is almost nearly grown with complete balance and focus. I would definitely not recommend this quad for someone younger than 10 years old.

This electric ATV can handle more terrain, than the mere backyard or the neighborhood park.

Definitely made for the rugged young man or the tomboy girl. This model allows for a lot of independent fun. It is totally one toy, that makes a kid feel like they are a big kid.

X-PRO Cougar 1000 PROS

This is a new and improved design. It has a more stylish and trendy look, with that edgy red and black theme.

If you really want to go all out, you can also, purchase a full-on riders suit, helmet and gloves. It just really adds an authentic touch.

This particular design is made with shatter resistant and plastic fairings. It is powder coated around the tubular frame. This is to ensure proper weather durability. So, this design stays looking new and fresh, no matter what the weather is like.

This is great for 12-year old’s. Though all 12-year old’s are not the same size, this particular Quad adjusts well to any 12 year old height. It comes with adjustable riser handlebars. This definitely allows for a more comfortable and controlled ride.

This electric ATV, was also made with storage in mind. It is designed to be a space saver whether in the garage or in a room, it was manufactured not to be a huge burden on your space.

It can also run for a full 40 minutes continuously, with a twist grip acceleration control.

X-PRO Cougar 1000 CONS

It runs for 40 minutes but it charges for 12 hours. Yes, this guy needs to be charged overnight and then some. This is because it is a 24v battery system. It requires more time being charged, compared to a 12V battery system, which tends to fully charge up between 6 to 8 hours.

125cc ATV 4 Wheels Wheelers Quad

This Ranger looks like it came right out of a video game. A very realistic video game, because this red ranger is not playing around. Yet, it does have a playful feel to it kind of like a go-kart. It’s a fun addition to a camping trip or a day off roading.

125cc ATV PROS

This Ranger is powered up by a 125cc engine. It’s designed to ride on more than one type of terrain, meaning the backyard.

This car can also run from three and a half miles up to seven miles per hour. It comes equipped with power brakes and working rear suspension. The fun there’s a FM radio station or an MP3 input if specific jams are required.

The extra-large wheels are made with great traction, as to keep in mind the different terrains and weather conditions this could be driven in.

A fun ATV is not as fun, if only one person can fit. However, this quad is made for two people have a really great time! It can host up to 190-230 lbs. of weight.

125cc ATV CONS

Extra batteries are required. Unfortunately, they are not included in the package. Two double “A” batteries are required for the FM radio to be played.

You will need to make space for this particular ATV. It is more on the bulky side and it’s made for older kids. So, just keep that in mind as you consider this option.

Other than that, nothing to complain about. This is a wonderful ranger to add to the memories have your child growing up.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Kids Bike 24V

I’m kind of in love with this bike. Actually, I really want one. Even though I know I would probably wreck it in the first 10 minutes of riding it. The truth is, I am just not as coordinated as I would like to think I am.

Look at the design and the color. It reminds me of something classic. Also, something you might find in a comic book. The colors are simple, but yet layered in a way that catches your eye.

Razor MX350 PROS

This is definitely one of the big kid designs. With it being able to accelerate up to 15 miles per hour, you definitely want to keep this for the older children. If you have younger children, I could just imagine some of them trying to sneak a ride!

This is a heavy-duty bike made with steel frames.  It is made for the occasional bumps and scratches. This bike was made for long lasting durability. It comes built out with dual suspension, variable speeds, high torque and a chain driven motor. As you can see, this bike has definitely upgraded from the “kiddie” plastic series. This is hardcore.

It comes equipped with and operated and thoroughly tested disc brakes, for those instantaneous stops.

This bike can carry the weight of up to 175 lb. So, parent if you are somewhere around that weight this would be a great toy for you to play around with! I am not saying, it will be easy for you to do so. You just might have to fight a little bit with your kid to be able to ride it. Unless, you can make it a fun game, where they have chance to beat you at driving around an obstacle course.

Since, this can power up to 15 miles per hour it is a rather powerful bike. It is designed with three, 12v sealed lead, acid rechargeable batteries.

Razor MX350 Cons

3 12V batteries makes for a very powerful ride. The drawback with this, is that it takes 12 hours to get fully charged up. So, this requires is some patience and waiting or just charge it overnight.

Lastly, this is a big kids toy. In this case it requires a bit more assembly and paying attention to the manual, more than what is needed for the younger kids.

It can be tempting to want to skip over the manual, or just glance over it, I would recommend really spending time following it. Since this is a higher powered “toy” you want to make sure all things are in the right place, for a safe and secure setup.

Razor All Terrain E300 Electric Scooter

Simple but yet powerful. Get your kid around the neighborhood, to school, to their friends and the neighborhood store, with this nifty little scooter. Just to add a little safety to their “joy” rides, I would also encourage to buy a helmet and knee/shin pads.

Sometimes razors get a bad rap, because they can be pretty noisy. Well, this particular brand and design has been upgraded to a more neighbor friendly sound.

You won’t have to hear complaints from the neighbors, the sound is very low key.

Razor E300 PROS

You can twist the throttle very easily and ride up to 15 miles per hour!

This is definitely a ride for preteens, teens and some of you parents, if you’re feeling coordinated and free!

This particular scooter offers a bit more stability, than some of the other options on the market. Comes with wide pneumatic tires. This offers a bit more support and comfort for the new riders.

You can ride it for up to 40 minutes continuous fun, with a super-sized deck and frame that way, no one feels like they’re going to fall off the platform.

Razor E300 CONS

There really isn’t a con to this ride. You just have to be prepared for a little bit of assembly. Make sure that you follow the manual. Following the manual to the “T” makes for a very safe ride.