Go Karts for 6 Year Olds: Perfect Gift for Little Racers


Are you looking for Go Karts For 6 Year Olds? Kids have what seems like endless amounts of energy and one good way to solidify the bonds between friends and family is to have good old-fashioned fun outdoors.

Go-karting is a fun activity for children but finding the right go kart for your child can be a little overwhelming given how many different options there are.

That is why we have put together this informational guide to better explain the different go karts for kids and which style might be well suited to your child.

If your child is slightly smaller or bigger for their age, please also consider taking a look at go kart for 5 year old and go kart for 7 year old.

2 Incredible Picks for Go Karts For 6 Year Olds

To help you make an informed purchase, we have compared 2 of the go karts best suited for 6 year olds side by side so that you can evaluate the pros and cons.

1. Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go KartIf your child is a fan of superheroes, this Batman-themed go-kart will be the perfect option for them.

The break is styled like an eight ball that the child can easily grab.

It is very well-engineered and comes with all of the safety features you would want including:

1. Steel construction for the frame.
2. A very responsive three-point pedal.
3. Handbrake which applies to both of the tires in the back so when your child is ready to stop, they will stop on point.

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The rubber wheels are convenient for indoor and outdoor driving. Great if they play in the backyard and sometimes bring their toys inside.

It weighs 22 lbs so it is a bit on the bigger side, but not so heavy that you can’t easily pick it up and store it when they aren’t using it.

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  • The pedal is a 3-point pedal
  • There is a handbrake that applies to the 2 rear wheels
  • The front cover is a Batman theme, perfect for superhero fans
  • It has a steel frame
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors

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  • The design might be too small
  • The top is easily removable, so be aware

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2. Chillafish Monzi RS

Chillafish Monzi RSWhen you look at this design, you will see stronger body bracing along the bottom of the go-kart.

The tires are some of the most durable you will find on the market so if you are most concerned about having reliable tires, this is a great option.

The tires won’t go flat unlike other models and they grip the surface very well.

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For parents who are worried about storage space, this model is great because it’s collapsible.

You can fold it down, remove the steering wheel, and fold down the backrest allowing you to hang it up in your garage or in a closet. It even comes with a wall mount to make this easy to store.

The retro design is very similar to the go-karts your child might see in a race. The seat can be adjusted without any tools. So as your child gets bigger you can change the seat position.

It has a front trunk in which your child can store toys or snacks. There is a handbrake and functions for going forward or backwards.

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  • The colour is blue or red
  • It features a retro design with a trunk space in which snacks or toys can be stored
  • The tires are high quality
  • It comes with an extra hand brake kids
  • Perfect for 3-7 year old kids.

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  • The hand brake is often the first to wear out and lose its position

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Types of Go Karts For 6 Year Olds

The first consideration when evaluating different go karts for 6 year olds is the type of go kart.

There are three different types but for 6 year olds realistically only the pedal power type is the best fit. If the child is particularly large for their age, they might be mature enough and big enough to handle an electric-powered one.

Below are the pros and cons of each go karts for 6 year olds:

Pedal poweredStarter model for younger kids, speed controlled by kid’s pedalingSmall design, not suitable for older children
Electric poweredTeaches kids about driving, relying on battery not legs, and goes fasterRecharging takes a long time, and each charge only gives about 1 hour of driving
Gas poweredGood for off road, without the need for chargingNot for children under 12

As mentioned, age really does matter. It’s up to you to make a decision in the end but as a rule of thumb these are the types of go karts best suited for different age groups:

Go Kart TypeAge Suitability
Pedal Powered2-7
Electric Powered8-11
Gas Powered12 and older

What To Look For When Choosing Go Karts For 6 Year Olds? 

The best way to pick something that is the perfect fit is to make a list of what it is you want to get out of the go-kart.

Whether you want something for an older child that has two seats so their younger sibling can ride along, or whether you want something with speed control feature so that you as the parent can control how fast they go, or whether you prefer a steel frame over a plastic frame.

Knowing what parameters are most important to you and your family will go a long way toward determining which of these options is the most comfortable fit.

Power Source

As mentioned, you can choose between three types of power sources, pedalling by your child, a battery, or gas. At this age gas-powered is off the menu so it’s up to you to decide whether you want the rechargeable battery option or the pedal option.

The age limit will play a big role in deciding which one is best.

Go-karting for a child who is four or five is really only fun if it’s a low speed in a safe condition so the pedal go-kart is best.

This is a great form of exercise that helps to strengthen their growing muscles. It’s also lightweight and affordable.

If you have an eight or nine-year-old child, the electric go-kart is going to be a better fit for them both literally and figuratively.

Since they aren’t going to be pedalling, they can reach slightly faster speeds around eight or nine miles per hour.


Speed might be very important to you and you have to decide whether you want the speed to be limited to your child’s abilities or to the battery.

The speeds on electric go karts for 6 year olds are rather limited between 8 and a maximum of 15 miles per hour and in most cases hovering around 10 miles per hour.

If this concerns you, look for a model that allows you to control the maximum speed attainable.


The weight of the go-kart is important. The go-kart should ideally be pretty lightweight to help you carry it around everywhere.

Obviously, the pedal-powered design is going to weigh less, but if you have, for example, a ramp or only want to drive it around the neighbourhood, that won’t really matter as much.

Age Range

Be sure that go karts for 6 year olds you choose are suitable for your child’s age and not just how old they are right now but how old they will be in the immediate future.

Most go-karts have an age range and they have a limit on how much weight can be put into the go-kart because it’s based on the average weight of someone else at the same age.

If your child is right on the cusp between pedal-powered or slightly larger electric-powered go-karts and has a birthday coming up, it might be better to invest in a slightly larger model rather than something they will outgrow immediately.


Go-karts are made very precisely so you won’t find anything like pointy parts or sharp edges that will leave your child injured, and they do have solid frames that offer a lot of protection.

However, this does not mean safety is not an issue. You should never allow your child to ride their go karts for 6 year olds by themselves and you should look for safety features like speed control parameters for parents, good brakes, great traction on the tires, and maybe even seatbelts.

Overall, pick based on the age of your child and what features you are most comfortable with as a parent.

Concluding Go karts for 6 year olds

Go karts for 6 year olds are constructed with great precision, so you won’t find any sharp edges or pointy pieces that could hurt your youngster. They also feature sturdy frames that provide a lot of safety.
This does not, however, imply that safety is not a concern. Never let your child drive go karts for 6 year olds by themselves, and look for safety features like parental speed controls, strong brakes, excellent tyre traction, and perhaps even seatbelts.

In general, choose based on your child’s age and the features that give you the most peace of mind as a parent.

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