Go Kart For 9 Year Olds!

If you are interested in getting a go-kart for your child, you are going to offer them a great way to get out some of that pent-up energy and enjoy the great outdoors.

But at this age there are different types your child can enjoy and it’s hard to know which one is best. That is why we put together the guide to make it easier for you to determine whether you should invest in an electric design or pedal power design.

The table below better explains which types of go karts are suitable for which age group:

Age Type of Go-Kart
3-9 Pedal powered
9-12 Electric powered or Pedal powered
13 + Gas Powered or Electric powered

Age is going to be the biggest delineator when you are picking a go kart for your child. Thankfully, at this age, you have many more options than you do with a younger child.

You may want to go with a go kart for 8 year olds, or even a go kart for 7 year olds if your child prefers a smaller ride.

Best Go Kart For 9 Year Old

Now that you have a better idea of what features to look for and what model you want, it’s time to look at the different options for go-karts at this age. Below we have compared products side by side to help you decide which is best suited for your situation.

Costzon Pedal Go Kart

If you want a model that is sleek and stylish for older children, this is a great model. It is very easy to operate and it doesn’t have any complicated wiring or gears which makes it even easier to install, something that many parents will appreciate.

It drives very smoothly and makes turns very quickly without losing traction. The frame is metal and the outdoor components are odorless plastic. It can be driven inside or outside.

Unlike other models that are smaller and more lightweight because they have a very short seat, this one has a high-backed seat design that’s actually more comfortable and convenient for children.

It weighs just shy of 20 lb so the high back seat doesn’t actually add much to the weight. It is designed to mimic the feel of a real car so your child can park with the handbrake, reverse out of their parking spot, and drive forward.

Pedal Go Kart Pros:

  • The back seat can be adjusted
  • The frame is a metal and polypropylene mixture
  • It comes with a gear lever
  • The wheels have a layer of anti slip material

Pedal Go Kart Cons:

  • The chains can come off
  • It is small in size, and won’t fit a taller child

12V Ride On Racer Car

If you are looking for something that your child can grow into or share with their siblings, this two-seater design is a great choice. For parents who are concerned about speed, this has different speed settings.

When going in reverse it has a maximum speed of 2.5 miles per hour and when going forward it has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. It is certainly a much slower model but for many parents that might be reassuring.

It uses a single 12 volt battery that has to be recharged and on each charge your child will get about 30 minutes of driving time. The frame is very sturdy and it can support 130 lb total so you can divide that between the two occupants or have your older child use it alone.

There are giant tires that are ruggedized and perfect for outdoor off terrain riding or indoor riding.

It has a monster traction drive system which helps your child tackle off road conditions like gravel and rocks. It also has an electronic power lock brake system so once the acceleration stops, the go-kart is held in place.

Racer Pros:

  • Designed for 3 years and up, so your child can grow into it or you can use it for multiple children
  • 2 seater
  • Giant tires for outdoor use
  • Electronic power lock brake

Racer Cons:

  • It takes a while to charge and each charge only lasts between 30 and 35 minutes

Should I Pick A Pedal-Powered Or An Electric?

At this age most kids are moving toward the electric, but there are still pedal-powered designs suitable for 9 year olds. It really comes down to the size of your child.

If you have a particularly tall child, they might not fit into really small frames that are meant for children but most go karts for kids actually have adjustable seats so they can grow with their go-kart.

The biggest difference here is the speed. Pedal-powered are going to go as fast as your child can pedal and if you have a particularly athletic child that might be quite fast but the battery powered or electric are going to go significantly faster.

These can range in their speed contingent upon the model. In most situations the children’s models will have multiple speed settings, one speed for reverse and a few different speeds for going forward.

Parental control options allow you to set what speed maximum you want for your child depending on the weather, whether they are driving inside or outside, or whether they have a younger sibling in the car with them.

When considering electric powered, one of the biggest drawbacks is that while it is powered through a battery, that battery can take a very long time to charge and unfortunately, you might charge your battery for an entire day only to give your child 30 minutes to 1 hour worth of drive time.

If this doesn’t seem like a good enough return on your time the pedal-powered can be used at any time.

What Features Should I Look For In A Go Kart?

When you are looking at different models for this age group, you want to consider what accessories come with it, what accessories you can add to it, and what safety features you want to enhance. You might also consider speed especially as you move up and start investigating electric-powered designs.

The Speed

If you are investing in the electric powered go-kart you need to consider the speed it provides. The slower-paced designs will not go more than 9 miles per hour, maybe upwards of 15 miles per hour.

This is just fine for a youngster who is just starting out. As your child games more years of practice, you can invest in something that might go up to 20 miles per hour.

If speed worries you, there are models that have speed control so you as the parent can decide what speed limit you want given the terrain or the weather or anything else. This will prevent the go-kart from going too fast and risking any injuries.


Once you have picked out the type of go-kart you want for your child, you still have to consider any necessary accessories. There are certain safety features that might come in your go kart model like a flag.

Having a flag pitched to the back of the go-kart is a great way to keep tabs on your child at all times and this becomes particularly important if you happen to take them off road or outside of your local neighborhood.

If it doesn’t come standard with a flag you can easily buy a safety flag as an accessory.

The most important accessory to have is of course a helmet. Even though the frames are very sturdy and the tire should give your child a lot of traction, it’s still good to have a helmet.

If your child already has a very durable helmet that they use for riding bikes, you might be able to get away with using that especially if they are using the pedal powered model but if they don’t have a helmet, it’ll give you a lot of Peace of Mind to just go out and grab one.

Which Safety Features Are Most Important?

In addition to these accessories there are some safety features you will want to look for in the design you choose. The first of these is seatbelts.

Even in a pedal power design it might be better for your child if there is a seatbelt because it will keep them secure to the go-kart on the off-chance that they hit a pebble or some uneven terrain.

Pedal powered go-karts are designed for smooth surfaces and they shouldn’t ever be taken to an off-road riding park or other off-road to rain because the uneven surface can result in falls.

If you are concerned about speed with an electric power design, perhaps your 5 year old is big for their age or you have a go-kart for more than one child, look for one that has parental speed controls that way you can decide what speed is best.


If you are buying one go kart for the whole family, speed controls will allow you to set a maximum limit based on the child who is driving and this means your younger child doesn’t have to frighten themselves by going very quickly but your older child isn’t bored by going very slowly.

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