Cars for 6 Year Olds – 6 Best Picks!

So, your kid is six years old now! How the time has flown. Although, you still consider this precious one your baby, he/she is really morphing into a big kid now AND THEY know it.

At this age their gross motor skills are on fire and it makes them feel like a “big kid”. They are feeling more comfortable in their own skin and their physical activity proves it. By this age, children are able too:

-Move in time to the beat or rhythm of music

-Throw and catch a small ball well

-Skip, Gallop, Dance

-Swim well

-Ride a two-wheel bicycle

As you can see, there is about nothing that they cannot do, that other older kids can do! With that being said, a ride on car is the perfect activity for your already well-rounded and rambunctious 6-year-old kid.

Especially, by the end of the day, wouldn’t you like to have one more tool up your sleeve, to help relieve the last bit of residual energy they have? I believe that every tool and trick counts.

Keep in mind, if your child is a little big for their age, you might want to look into a cars for 7 year olds. Conversely, if they are a little small for their age a car for 5 year olds might suit them better.

Cars for 6 Year Olds

So, go ahead and peruse these ideas we have deliberately selected, perfect for children that are 6 years of age. You will find diversity in all options at hand and an enjoyable read!

Here are the most popular ride on cars for 6 year olds:

12V Kids Ride on Truck

This is for the rough and rugged kid! This 12V ride on truck, looks like it can take down the whole neighborhood! If not the whole neighborhood, then maybe just the backyard. Please do, get some grass within the treads of those wheels and conquer your backyard! This dynamic SUV can be driven manually by your daring kiddo or controlled by you with the handy parental remote, that comes with the model.

12V Truck PROS

This full-bodied truck has an exciting, multi-color LED lights border around the top of the windshield, side mirrors, & headlights, for a dazzling appeal to this over all rugged ride.

Your child can play their favorite music through the provided AUX cord. Or they have the option of jamming to six different preset songs for an enjoyable ride!

This ride on car option, comes complete with real engine sounds, a horn, a seat belt, and two varying speeds (low and high)

12V Truck CONS

This is a bulkier design, so you may have to plan to make room for it. Other than that, you’re good to go!

12V Ride on Car Kids RC Car

This sporty thing has got my attention, what about yours? I am a slight bit jealous that I didn’t get to have such luxurious options of toys, while being a kid! Sheesh…oh well. Moving on! This clever little one seater 12v ride on RC car, might just influence your child into having sophisticated taste! By 6 years old their little preferences are becoming clearer to themselves.

As you take note of what they decide to choose, you can tell a lot about their personal taste that is developing. So, if your kiddo decides on this style of ride on car, I bet you they must be the sophisticated type.


This ride on car model, features (2) 12V Motors for two speed control’s, high and low. Also,
it can be driven by your child, via the steering wheel and the foot pedal accelerator. Or, if you would like to join in the fun by using the remote to add some spontaneity to the ride.

The features are wonderful pros to this model, as you can see! These cool little features are working headlights, horn, seat belt, forward/reverse motion & steering wheel controls.

A solid and sophisticated ride on car like this, is not complete without the right choice of music. The right choice of music is always what the kiddos prefer. So, this car has an FM radio and MP3 connection to allow the savvy driver to play their favorite songs through the built-in speaker .


This model does not have the parent remote control. With this car, your child has full control, but I know that you will have a fabulous time watching their enjoyment!

Speed Spring Suspension Ride On Truck

Summer is literally around the corner! This ride fits in with summer and the off-roading type of families! Ok, so, I would not recommend taking this off roading for-real, but they might enjoy pretending in the backyard or at the park. It’s just an overall really fun ride!

Ride on Truck PROS

14″ traction wheels are equipped with a spring suspension system, for a safe and yet very realistic ride! This 3 speed spring suspension truck features a non-toxic plastic body, an adjustable seat-belt, a gear shift, magnetic doors, and LED lights.
If your child is a little speed demon, then they will LOVE, 3 SPEED OPTIONS: 12V motor features high, medium, and low speeds.

Can be a part of long-time family fun, as it can potentially be driven up to 8 years of age.

Ride on Truck CONS

I would say that the only down-side to this ride, is that it’s just a one-seater. Some models come with a two-seater, but alas, there is still plenty of fun to be had!

Pink 12V Ride On RC Car

This fiery little pink whip, right here! Do you know a little girl that might want this? Perhaps, yours? This is just one of those toys a child could never forget about. Especially, if your little girl has any little edge of “diva” you can bet this ride on car will be remembered as a favorite childhood toy, right into her adult years.

Pink 12V PROS

This high-end stylish ride, comes with integrated gear switches and LED lights, which makes driving this sports car feel like the real thing.

In addition, your sweet thing will be rolling with real engine sounds, a realistic horn, safety belt, and two varying speeds (high and low).

A true ride in this pink 12v ride on RC car is not complete without playing music through the provided AUX cord. Otherwise, your pretty young thing can jam to a variety of preset songs, for an enjoyable ride

When fully charged, this can be driven for an hour or two.

Pink 12V CONS

Well, for me there is really only one CON. The time that it takes to charge this ride on car is 8-10 hours. So, charging it over night is a perfect time to get it ready, for the following days play-time!

ATV Quad 4-Wheeler Ride On

VROOM, VROOM, VROOM this is for the kids that like to play hard and feel truly like “Big Kids”. This is for the kid who goes all out in everything that they do. In fact, if your child seems to have a horse-power of his or her own, this is the ride on car of choice. Now, they won’t be able to go out of control, as maybe they would like too. This ride on ATV goes up to 2 MPH. So, not too fast, but definitely not too slow.


Safety is everything with any toy, but definitely with a ride on car, but rest assured, safety is the first call of duty with this ride. It is an ASTM-certified ride-on composed of a durable red plastic body with exciting decals for a compelling riding experience.

This Kids ATV Quad ride on comes with a powerful and durable 12V rechargeable battery and charger. Take it with you anywhere to power up on the fun whenever you so desire.

The lighting with this model is truly excellent, carrying a built-in bright, LED headlights which can be turned, on by simply pushing a button.


This CON is no big deal and rather, subjective! Other ride on cars are closed in, this one is not. So, sometime parents may feel a little nervous about. However, this ride is safe, secure and stable!

Audi TT 12V Ride On Car

The style and muted sheen on this ride on car is slick and trendy! I am super stoked about this little audi TT 12V ride on and so it will be the same with your child. Who would not be captivated with something as smooth as this option?! If you think your child would be remotely drawn to this option, be sure to keep reading this review!


There are two modes this can be used in! Two types of ways to enjoy this ride!

The Parental Remote-Control Mode. You are able control this car to partake in the joy and happiness of being together with your child. The Battery Operate Mode. Your kiddo can operate this car by himself/herself by electric foot pedal and steering wheel.

If you keep this Truck fully charged, your kid can continuously drive for 60 minutes! That is a whole lot of entertainment! The seating is very comfortable with safety belt, providing security.

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