Cars for 9 Year Olds – 4 Top Rated Picks

At the age of 9 years old, kids are on the brink of adolescence. They are on the brink of those crazy and sometimes tumultuous preteen years.

They tend to be abounding in physical strength and speed. They may either be rather sporty or into dance. Their physical abilities are ever-expanding.

One thing that may start to creep up, is body consciousness. They seem to be a little bit concerned about how they look and be self-consciousness begins to influence their mind.

However, they are still fundamentally a kid. Longing to have fun and to use their imagination and to play hard.

Keep in mind that your child might be more comfortable in a slightly smaller or bigger vehicle. Consider cars for 8 year olds and electric cars for 10 year olds to drive for more of a selection.

Cars for 9 Year Olds

You, as a parent, still have the ability to make use of the play that they desire. This is why I still recommend a ride-on car, is one of the ways to nurture and maintain that childlike play within your child.

So, if that is something you desire to do, go ahead and check out some of the options, I have put aside for you.

Here are the most popular ride on cars for 9 year olds:

Ferrari LaFerrari Kids Electric Rride-On

This is a 1-seater ride on car that is fire. This ride on car is a licensed design and built by Ferrari LaFerrari car. As you can see from the pictures above, they spared no Ferrari like feature in this car.

I know it’s going to be tempting but try not to take this bad boy for a ride; because this provides an authentic experience many us adults will never get to try. Honestly, we can’t some these companies make some ride on cars for adults. Like, why not make golf carts with features that look like some of these luxury brands!

Anyway, let me stop digressing. There is still a way to get some fun in this process. I know you want to be involved with this fun. If you keep on reading you will see how.

Ferrari LaFerrari Pros

This particular ride comes with two modes. The first mode is called the parental remote-control mode. This is where you come into play as a parent. If you want in on the good times, just grab that remote control and you’d be the one in control.

This makes playtime more spontaneous and fun.When your child has no idea which direction or how fast you’re going to take them in.

Also, there is the manual control mode. This is all up to your little one to control the ride and to control the amount of fun that they desire to have.

Sometimes that’s just enough meaningful and fun action for you. Anytime that they get out of hand with wanting to drive the car or driving it too fast and far away from you; all you have to do is grab the remote control and bring it back in your direction.

It easily reverses at a slower speed for safety. Also, the steering wheel comes with complete control options.

It is very simple and easy to start the car, with a push button on the dashboard with two varying speeds.

This is the kind of ride-on car that you cannot drive without music!  MP3 connectivity is available to listen to some jams while they roll on.

Ferrari LaFerrari Cons

The only thing I would say about this, is that the assembly process is a little bit involved. So, this is not a project you would want to do on a fly. It will be best to cut out some focused time.

Realistic Off-Road UTV 12V

This ride on car is definitely for the stylish, yet rugged kid. Children come in so many different personalities in Dynamics that it’s hard to pinpoint their little personalities.

However, this ATV reminds me of something that Batman might ride. If of course, he was riding through some desert or mountainous like Terrain.

Maybe you won’t take this to the desert. Maybe you won’t take this ATV to the mountains; which I wouldn’t recommend anyway. However, this is one ride that can get plenty of clay through your adventurous backyard.

This solid ATV model can run up to four miles per hour. So, if you don’t mind a little damage done to your grass this is definitely a very memorable ride-on car.

Realistic Off-Road UTV Pros

This model is life like in many ways. The horn sounds will shock you and catch you off-guard. It comes with a cool radio on the dashboard. If the radio is not satisfying enough, the MP3 player is another option. You can USB or micro SD card.

This ride on car, is also ASTM certified for safety and stability.

This ride on car, can hold up to 100 lbs of weight. It can also run for up to two hours.

Realistic Off-Road UTV Cons

This is where your child will have to learn patience! Why? Well, because it takes 8 to 10 hours to charge up. The best strategy I can think of, is just to have it charging while they are asleep at night. So, that when playtime comes around it is all ready to go.

2 Seater Kids Electric Car 12v

When you hear “buggy”, you might think of something rather old school. For instance, like “little House on The Prairie” type of days. However, as you can see from the picture that is not the truth at all. This is one of the sportiest buggies I have ever seen. Although, I don’t consider myself to be a sporty person I would be all about this right on car if I had it.

It’s fast. it’s fun. It’s made for memories.

2 Seater Pros

One of the things that I really love about this ride-on car, is that it’s a two-seater. Wouldn’t you agree that this type of sporty buggy, needs a friend or a sibling in it?

This type of riding experience it’s not to be experienced alone.

This is also a ride-on car that would be hard for you parents to resist wanting to play with. Now, I know you can’t get in and drive it but, you’re able to use the parental control, to dictate the rides direction and the speed. Your child may get an extra thrill out of this ride, by simply not knowing what you might do next!

Speaking of the speed, three speeds available low, fast super-fast. If you are not comfortable with the super-fast speed, you can change that with the parental control

Another wonderful feature of this ride-on car, is that it’s preloaded with all kinds of cool songs. Or, you can use a memory stick drive or an SD card to listen to music from your phone with the MP3 plug.

As I have mentioned before, this is a two-seater ride. So, it can hold up to 110 pounds of weight.

2 Seater Cons

This is a heavy-duty car. It has 4 Motors and can carry two people. So, it needs a good amount of charge time. A full charge can take up to 12 hours.

12V Mercedes-Benz G63 Ride On

I will say unashamedly, that if this were my ride as a child, this car would be my everything! This classic twin seats look, is amazing. This is a cross between a sedan and an SUV. What is also to be loved about this model, it is licensed by Mercedes Benz so it has the same luxury, ruggedness and sportiness of a real Mercedes car.

It’s not just about the outside with this car. The inside of this car has so many cool gadgets, that your kids will be mesmerized by.

Mercedes-Benz G63 Pros

This ride on car comes with a lifelike horn, headlights and MP3 connectivity. A ride, in this kind of car definitely requires that your child is able to play their most favorite songs.

This classy, yet, sturdy ride comes with two seat belts for extra safety. So, whether your children ride together, or your child invites the neighborhood kids, they are definitely in for a ride that is both fun, safe and secure. Just remember to make sure they are not acting to cool, to buckle up!

Parent you are not left out of this fun either. As it comes with a parental control that allows you to take ownership of the ride and be an outside chauffer driver.

All of the controls in the car as far as the lights, the speed and the startup, are easily controlled by buttons on the dashboard. The user manual is easy to use and straightforward.

Mercedes-Benz G63 Cons

Well, I honestly don’t know what negative thing to be said about this car. I mean really? It’s a Mercedes-Benz it really doesn’t get too much better than that. Only thing that I could say is that you’re building your little one up for expensive taste. Well, if you don’t mind them wanting a Benz by the time they’re 16th birthday, shoot go ahead and prime them well!

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