Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds to Drive – Top 4

If a new gift is on the horizon let me encourage you, this would be a wonderful option to give to your child.

Take a few moments and see some of the exciting options, that we have available for you to choose from.

Remember, for children who are slightly bigger or smaller for their age might be more comfortable with cars for 9 year olds, or cars for 11 year olds.

Electric Cars For 10 Year Olds to Drive

ATV 4 Wheeler Ride On Quad 12V

I hope that you have plenty of room in your backyard for this solid and sturdy ATV. This definitely has the look of something a bigger kid would be interested in.

It still brings out the playful and childlike side in them. However, it allows for a greater sense of “I’m a big kid now”, vibe. It’s a design that cannot be ignored, tempting for us adults to try and ride. I would caution against that.

4 Wheeler Pros

This is probably one of the sturdiest rides I’ve seen so far. This ATV has a 350-watt 24-volt battery. So, basically this means that it has some great horsepower. Greater speeds can be achieved on this ride.

The speeds can range from 5 miles per hour to 10 miles per hour! There’s a lot of daring fun to be had.

Not to worry about the speeds. If you want a little more control over the speed you can use the parental control remote. So, you can change the speeds while they’re driving the car.

You can also preset things in order that you may keep control of their speed, even if you decide to do other things while they play.

One thing that I really love about this ride on car, is that it takes a shorter bit of time to fully charge.

So, within 6 to 8 hours this car can totally be ready for a new ride. Drive times can the last for approximately 2 hours before it needs to be charged again.

This model is definitely made for the big kid in mind. As we know, as kids reach towards puberty they are gaining more weight. So, this option can hold 160 lbs. of weight. So, honestly parent, if you are around that weight you could actually ride it to.

Check out the Quad ATV Ride-On here.

4 Wheeler Cons

Since this ride is made for bigger kids, the speeds are a bit higher than some of the other options for younger kids.

So, if you are concerned about that just be sure to familiarize yourself with the parental controls. You can set the speed so that they don’t go over 10 miles per hour.

Other than that, it is a most wonderful ride. It is a cool big boy or big girl toy, to have in the family.

Ride On for Off Roading 12V Ride On

This ATV specialty is so cool. It has an awesome spider design. When the doors are open, it looks like wings that could just take off and fly away into the sky.

This is one of the biggest ride-on cars on the market right now, it is a 2018 monster Jeep. It is amazingly built to sustain the weight of two children.

The tires are built wider and stronger than the typical ride-on car because this was actually designed to be a practical and reliable ride on car. Wheels were built to sustain terrain that is rough, full of small pits and a little bumpy.

So, at your discretion this is a model that you could very well take on a camping trip. The spider design is even complementary to camouflaging in the forest or the desert.

Offroading Pros

This is a high-powered, ride-on car with 4 Motors, it has been upgraded to four motors that are powerfully designed from 25w to 35W each.

There are three speeds to take hold of slow, fast, and super-fast.

Those speeds can feel a little bit extra dramatic (in a good way) because of the real metal spring suspensions, that add more support but, yet allows you to feel the bumpiness of the terrain.

Not to worry, though, parents there is a safety brake button specifically for you. So, at any time if you need to break their ride. You can do it all at the push of a button.

This ride-on car comes pre-loaded with exciting rough and rugged songs, to make the ride more memorable. Your big kid also has the option of playing their own music through the MP3 player.

This design also comes with a real trunk. If you desire to take this on an actual family journey, you do have the option of extra storage.

Even if you decided just to take this to the park for the day; you can store lunches drinks and extra utilities right in that trunk.

Both the doors open easily for smooth entering and exiting.

Check out the Huge Ride On Quad here.

Offroading Cons

So, because this car is powerful and requires a lot of power, it takes a long time to charge. You will need to have this on the charger for 8 to 12 hours, in order to have a fully charged a ride on car.

There is a handy battery indicator, that accurately lets you know when it should go on the charge. When it is fully charged though, it can be used for up to 2 hours of rough and rugged fun.

Kids Electric Truck Style 12V

This is an exclusive spider color that you do not want to miss out on! This is one of the new rides on the market, a monster Jeep Style with extremely powerful wheels.

This is one unique option, it’s like a combination between a truck an ATV any jeep. The design from the inside out, shows that it is ready for rugged riding and fun!

Electric Ride On Truck Pros

 Since this is a design for older children, are that you can actually take more places beyond your backyard. If you want to take it on a desert trip, perfect! If you want to take it on a campsite, perfect!

And if you desire for it to be driven just around the park that works too.

This is the best electric car, is also a two-seater. 2 seaters just added to the amount of fun and memories, that can be had. So, if you have two kiddos, they can share in the ride together.

The wheels on this ride are really big and really solid. This is electric car is a bit different from the ones, that are made for younger children.

The tires are made to go over terrain that is a little bit rougher than just the grass in your backyard. So, it is designed to hold more weight as two riders can use this car at a time.

This car can go up to about eight or nine miles per hour but, for safety sake you can use safety belt for added protection. There’s also the safety brake, that is strictly for the parents to use when they need to bring the ride to a stop.

Whether driving this car with a friend or sibling, the ride should not be left without music. Ride-on cars can enjoy preloaded songs to enhance their play time.

Or, if they have some jams of their own, they can utilize the MP3 player to plug in their favorite tubes as they backyard.

On a hot and summery day, they can bring out their favorite bottled soda juice or water. Yep, there is a convenient little drink holder in the front.

Check out the Kids Ride on Truck Style 12V here.

Electric Ride on Truck Cons

 The only kind that I can think of, is the amount of time it takes for it to charge. Especially, before a long journey you will want to have this charged up for about 12 hours. Other than that, it’s very fun and memorable ride-on car to possess.

Kid Trax Vespa Scooter

The design on the scooter, I absolutely love! I guess this appeal to the eccentric artist side of my personality. Although, any kid would be rather interested in this little whip. However, if your child is of the artsy and loud type of personality, this might very well be an option that they would be drawn to.

At the age of 10, they have the balance to ride a scooter and feel confident while doing it!

Vespa Pros

This scooter is now made with lithium batteries. This scooter can be driven for up to 10 miles per hour and smoothly drift around corners and makes full 360-degree spins for those who are a little bit on the daring side.

What I really appreciate about this scooter, unlike many of the ride on cars, it takes two to three hours to charge up fully. Most ride on cars take a minimum of 6 hours and up to a maximum of 12 hours to fully charge.

Vespa Cons 

This may not necessarily be a con. I guess it really just matters on your preference as a parent. This option does not come with a parental control, “remote control” that is.

So, if you wanted to get in on the fun, all you can do is really watch! There is no way to program, how fast they go on the scooter.

Other than that, it’s a wonderful gift. It’s a wonderful big kid toy, to give them for birthday, Christmas or just because.

Check out the Battery Scooter 6V here.

Advice For 10 Year Olds

When your child finally reaches the age of 10, they are no longer a little kid but, not quite an adolescent. There seems to be a little bit of mixed emotions.

Not knowing how to act or to present themselves that can be frustrating. It can be frustrating for both the parent and the child.

Their mental and emotional beings are changing and developing. They may be even gaining weight as they transition.

However, they still have a good amount of play in them. Although, they may not know what to do with changing thoughts or emotions, we will still find them playing with toys or with their friends.

When things get a little complicated, it’s still okay to cater to their childlike side to help get their minds off of things they don’t fully understand yet.

This is why I recommend, ride on cars. Unlike our generation, ride-on cars are fit for kids all the way up into their teen years. Having a ride-on car during transitional years still gives them that feeling of play and fun.

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