Car for 3 Year Olds – Top 7 Favorites

So, your little one is three years old! This is the time period where he/she is transitioning from being a baby to being a “big kid”.

The desire to run, jump and play is increasing and they seemed to be intrigued by anything they hear, see and touch. Let’s not forget, at this age there is non-stop movement, right?! I bet it can be a little exhausting to manage the bursting energy and movement of your little one.

Well, what to do with so much energy and the excitement for the discovery of life? It just might be time to get a ride on car toy, for your little one! A ride on cars is the perfect ingredient to introduce at this point in their lives.

Why? Motor skills, are a great reason why. You see, at this age their motor skills are forming to the level where physical play is what they seek out. At this age, they are more easily able to climb on jungle gyms, swing themselves on swings, run and jump. Also, their balance is more on point than ever before.

Car for 3 Year Old

Ride on cars, are the perfect answer for the new found physical movement of balance, climbing and a little bit of speed.

Please consider a ride on car for 2 year old if your child is slightly small for their age, or electric cars for 4 year olds if they are a little big for their age.

Keep reading, to see which ride on cars are best for your three year old.

Classic Car Coupe with Remote Control

If you want to see your child ride in some old classic style, this smooth ride is exactly what is needed. It is a very easy drive, easy to use ride on car. You will love how the headlights turn on how the horn blows! Another, adorable feature is how the “gas gauge” works. It is the battery indicator, letting you know when it is time to charge up, again! Just a classic feel all around that can be driven easily on a leveled and flat surface.

Classic Coupe PROS

Your kiddo can play whatever MP3 they want while cruising around! Would you like to join in on the fun? Well, this ride on car comes with a remote control. So, you can control the direction and speed of the car, as they ride around.

The materials used to manufacture this car are free from banned phthalates. The plastics are made to be rugged and tough, for durable and long lasting. It can also hold up to 70 lbs. of weight.

This ride on car is great for either boy or girl, as it has a gender neutral design.

Classic Coupe CONS

This car is really designed for ages 3 and 4. So, after that point, it may be hard to get a lot of usage. However, if there is a younger sibling on the horizon, you’ll get continued use.

3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle

This is for the rugged or spunky child! Don’t you just love this design? You know, this would make a perfect addition to a Halloween costume. Imagine your little one dressed up like a biker or punk rocker and going trick or treating on this bad boy? What a sight to see and a rather cool memory to make, right? I would definitely say this could be a gender neutral design, as plenty of little girls have a tom-boy edge! Either way, who wouldn’t want to try this out? I know I wish I could!

3 Wheeler PROS

You would think because it’s a bike that it would be a lot harder to ride. Not so. It is very easy to use, as it is designed with a 3-wheel chopper that any toddler can use. It is not a jolty, riding toy. Rather it rides very smoothly, to give you peace of mind.

Sometimes, ride on cars can look a little cheesy! Not this design. The car details are extremely realistic, with defined colors, chrome like decals and cool car sounds.

This bike can easily be driven indoors and outdoors.

3 Wheeler Cons

Some cars can hold up to about 70 lbs. However, this one tops out at about 50 lbs. There is no remote control, in which you can influence the ride!

Push Around Buggy GT Ride On

This wonderful little buggy is great, if you would prefer something that is not motorized.  This is a great option, for you parents who would like to have a little more control, over the speed in which your child moves.

I like this simple little ride-on car because it really gives your kid a great workout (if they tend to be a little on the hyper side). The honking push horns and realistic steering wheels are lovely features, to this adorable buggy.

Also, as they are aggressively growing their motor skills at this age, this non-motorized option supports their development.


This inhabits a comfortable design. It is designed to make your little one feel safe and secure. As a parent, you will love the under-the-hood feature. It has a storage area that can be utilized during long walks in the neighborhood or spontaneous park day’s with friends.

Take note of the long sturdy handle? That is right, it is very sturdy and easy for you to push your child around, when he/she tires of “driving” it.

Safety is everything. So, a safety belt is included for a safe and secure ride.


Not the most “sleek” or “cool” looking, as other designs. It is not designed for any child over 50 lbs.

Mercedes S63 Coupe 12 Volt

Honestly, I just want to know why? This type of ride on car was not available when I was a kid. This generation of toddlers really has the best of everything. This design is actually licensed from the Mercedes-Benz S63 Coupe. Who knows what the future holds, but wouldn’t you like to provide your baby with a Mercedes, while it’s affordable?

Mercedes S63 PROS

Dynamic, cool features like front and rear LED lights, dashboard lights, the four wheel suspension is pretty rad too!What kiddo doesn’t like to listen to music? There is a built in FM Radio and MP3 player, for an endless amount of music choices.

Oh yeah, and you can use a USB/SD card as an option. Let’s not forget about the life like revved up engine sounds, the horn and a handy seat belt, for added safety. There are 3 choices of speed, if your toddler is feeling extra daring! Also, this ride on car can give you some lasting use, because it is made to hold a capacity 110 lbs.

Mercedes S63 CONS

Honestly, if there is such thing as perfection, this is probably it. This Mercesdes ride on car with remote even comes at a low price. I really have no, CON, to report here!

Mercedes G65 AMG Ride On

Look, this is another licensed Mercedes design that is absolutely on point and outstanding. As a parent, if you want to join in on this fun, the parental remote was designed with YOU in mind!

If you have a spunky little girl, whom you can foresee off-roading or driving through rugged and dry terrain, this one was made for her! Ok, so this is not ONLY for girls as there are other colors suitable for boys.

Mercedes G65 PROS

This is an ASTM F963-11 Certified Product. That means it has been certified by the US Consumer Toy Safety Standards, Commission. In addition to that, this design has been approved and manufactured under the official license from Daimler Benz. The maximum weight for this design is above average, topping out at 66 lbs. 

You can count on longevity, as it has two motors and only two speeds available within the dashboard. However, it has a third speed available on the parents’ remote control. Let’s talk about that parental remote, for a minute. It has full operation modes, with long range 2.4 ghz power, equipped with the feature to STOP the car at any time.

Mercedes G65 CONS

This is not a really a big “CON”, I think. As you can see, this design is a little bulky. It may be a challenge for short little legs, to get in it without parental or guardian assistance.

Pink HD Camo Utility ATV

Isn’t so neat how all these car brands, are coming out with their own licensed, ride on cars? This one is licensed by Honda!  Even the fenders are legit, with realistic camos printed on all four. Yes, pink and black are not the only color they come in! I think any child would enjoy this make and model! If you are a family of ATV drivers, might as well get them introduced to the off-roading life, right?


This is a really rugged and durable utility ATV. Of course, it’s still best driven on smooth and flat ground, but it’s a ride on car, made to last.

I think you will love the original song that is built into this design; making this option a very memorable toy. Along with the song, there are some talking phrases and fun sounds that play while driving. This gives an amped up feeling of joy and fun to your little one. For extra stimulation, there are some cool little lights, which light up while driving.


I would say, the only real CON with this ride on car, is that there’s no remote control. Some designs, come with remotes in which parents can control the speed. This one doesn’t have such capabilities.

Costzon 12V With Remote Control

I saved the best for last! Seriously, who wouldn’t want this?! I want the adult version, at a discounted price! Sleek designs and LED lights, I am sure your kiddo will be the talk of the town, with this design.

Costzon PROS

This rad car can be used in two different modes. The Parental Remote Control Mode, allows you to control the ride and enjoy it along with your baby. The other is the Battery Operate Mode. Your baby has all the control by using the electric foot pedal, to get it going!

When this ride is fully charged, it can be driven for 40 minutes straight for loads of continuous fun.

This ride on car might be about the hippest thing out there right now, but it doesn’t compromise on safety! It comes fully equipped with a comfortable seat and safety belt.

It also comes with an MP3 player input, movable wing mirrors and smooth LED headlights.

Costzon CONS

Well, if you’re not really a handyman or woman, assembly may not be your favorite part. However, there are plenty of YouTube videos, which can walk you through each step. Easy, breezy!

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