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Electric Bike For Five-Year-Old – Top 5 Picks!

Five-year-olds and bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly. This age group is among the most active, always moving.

Their moves can be made a little faster on an electric bike. While they certainly don’t need the high-speed stunt bikes their older siblings may be into, they can have a lot of fun on small electric bikes.

Electric Bike for 5 Year Olds

These bikes will go slowly enough that they can learn how to steer without needing lightning-fast reflexes.

We have put together a list of five electric bikes that are suitable for five-year-olds. Those bikes include:

  • Hoverhearts Kids Electric Power Motorcycle
  • Lil Patrol Electric Bike
  • Best Choice Products Kids Ride-On Motorcycle
  • Kids Motorz 12V Police Motorcycle
  • Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike

Your child can have loads of fun on these bikes while remaining safe from injury. We will examine what each bike has to offer your child, as well as any drawbacks that may exist.

If your child is a little too small or too big for his or her age, you may want to check out ride-on cars for 4-year-olds, or ride-on cars for 6-year-olds.

HoverHearts Kids Electric Power Motorcycle

The Hoverhearts kids electric motorcycle will let your five-year-old ride in style. The speed is slow enough to be safe for a little one just gaining his wheels.

The training wheels will prevent injury from falls while your child learns to balance himself on the machine. These can be removed later when he has learned to keep the bike upright.

The cool lights on the wheel rims will make him feel like a Nascar pro. Along with the headlights, these will keep him visible when riding in the twilight hours.

The realistic sounds of a revving engine will thrill and amaze him. Small enough to ride inside; tough enough to ride outside.

The 6-volt battery cannot be expected to provide unending power, but it is adequate for the size of the bike.

The one complaint we have about this bike is that there is no battery life indicator. You can’t tell how much battery you have left.

It also has no charge indicator, so it’s guesswork to know when the battery is fully charged or if it is charging at all.

With proper care, the battery should last two-three months before it needs to be replaced. Of course, this will depend on how much the machine is used.

It could last longer if it is not ridden constantly or it could die quicker if it undergoes heavy usage.

For less than $150, it is a good toy for your five-year-old’s first electric bike.

Lil Patrol Electric Bike

Available in colors for both boys and girls, the Lil Patrol electric bike will make some aspiring police officer very happy.

This bike will run for approximately one hour on a full charge, so you little LEO will have plenty of time to chase down the crooks before the battery runs out.

The lights and sirens will make your five-year-old feel like the real deal as they whiz around the house to catch the bad guys.

This bike features both forward and reverse gears with a top speed of just over one mile per hour.

The storage case mounted on the back of the bike will allow the busy mini cop to keep all the most important accessories within easy reach.

The 6-volt battery will need ten to twelve hours to fully charge. There are no indicators to tell you how much battery life is left or when it is fully charged.

Charging is also a pain since the seat has to be removed to access the battery. Then the battery must be disconnected from the bike and connected to the charger.

Once charged, it must all be reconnected, and the seat replaced. This constant hooking and unhooking have been known to break the plastic wire clips that keep the wires together.

Still, if you’re willing to deal with the complicated process, your five-year-old will have a blast pretending to keep law and order.

Kids Ride-On Motorcycle

The Best Choice Ride-On Motorcycle looks like a dirt bike which will make it super cool for kids. The plastic wheels are treaded for a sporty look.

The headlights work and the bike has a range of realistic sounds, including:

  • Horn
  • Ignition
  • Blinker

Music plays from the speaker system to make you child feel all grown up like the big motorcyclist. There’s even an auxiliary jack where he can plug in his own audio device!

Speed tops out at two miles per hour, so your little daredevil won’t injure himself in a crash.

Training wheels help him learn to balance himself and the machine. Training wheels can be removed when they are no longer needed.

The 6-volt battery runs for about forty minutes on full charge and needs to be charged eight to twelve hours. A charger comes with the bike.

The bright red color and realistic decals will be especially appealing to kids. The sleek design and sturdy build will give your child many hours of playtime fun.

Kids Motorz 12V Police Motorcycle

The Kids Motorz Police Motorcycle is a cool bike for the five-year-old who aspires to be a policeman one day.

Built like a street bike, it has all the bells and whistles to make it as close to the real thing as possible.

Riding at dusk is safer because of the working lights, including:

  • Headlight
  • Taillight
  • Hazard lights
  • Signal lights

Realistic sound effects are controlled by a push button on the dash.

The bike works at two speeds in forward gear and one in reverse. Highest speed attainable is four miles per hour.

The two saddlebags help to keep all the necessary personal items within easy reach. The rear storage compartment gives additional space to stash the important things like snacks.

This bike even has a CB antenna just like the real police motorcycles, so your child can pretend-radio for back-up.

The 12-volt battery provides plenty of cruising time before needing to be recharged. This bike will be a sure hit with your miniature civil servant.

Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike

The Honda Dirt Bike is about as close to the real thing as it is safe for a five-year-old to get.

This bike has the stylish decals of a real Honda bike. The build is sleek and sturdy, and the bright red color is sure to turn heads wherever your child goes.

Realistic engine sounds add to the fun and allow your little one to pretend he is competing for the dirt bike champion title.

Treaded “tires” and alloy-like “rims” complete the authentic look and feel of this dirt bike.

The 6-volt battery gives it enough power to reach top speeds of 2 miles per hour, so it is safe enough for young children just learning to navigate.

Training wheels are included to help with learning to balance the bike.

The “accelerator” is a push button on the handlebar, so there is not the danger of a pedal getting stuck and causing accident or injury.

This bike works best on hard surfaces because the 6-volt battery is not strong enough to power through heavy resistance areas like grass or sand.

Replacement Batteries

Unfortunately, batteries do not last forever. If your child enjoys riding his electric bike every day, chances are the battery will stop recharging at some point.

This doesn’t have to mean the end of your child’s fun. Replacement batteries are not that expensive and can be changed out with comparative ease.

We will list for you some recommended replacement batteries for your child’s ride-on toys.

Power Wheels 6V Replacement Battery

This Power Wheels replacement battery is super simple. You just disconnect the old battery and remove it, plop this one in its place and plug it in.

It needs to charge for at least eighteen hours initially and at least fourteen hours at every subsequent recharge.

Remember to always charge your batteries fully before storing them and never let the battery drain completely.

Weize 6V Rechargeable Battery

If you want the biggest bang for your buck, this 6-pack might be for you. Six rechargeable 6-volt batteries for less than $45.

These batteries won’t leak and are safe to be used indoors. They come fully charged, so you can begin using them right away.

Installation may be a bit more of a hassle than you bargained for, but it you can make it work, you have a steal of a deal in battery power.

Remember to always check the specifications on your old battery to be sure the new one is interchangeable.


Children grow fast, so toys are quickly outgrown. You may want to get the largest bike that your child can safely operate, so that they can get more than one season’s worth of fun from it.

Having said that, however, you should always follow manufacturer’s age and weight recommendations for your child’s safety.

A child that is larger than the recommended weight may break the toy and could be injured in the process.

A child that is too young or smaller than the recommended weight may not be able to control the toy properly and may injure themselves.

Safety must always be top priority!

Drone For A Six-Year-Old

Drones are growing in popularity among both children and adults. From ultra-simple to radically high-tech, drones engage our attention and inspire our imaginations.

Admit it; a drone can instantly turn you into an imaginary spy, no matter how old you are! These toys are great fun for children whose active imaginations need only an outlet.

But drones, like all toys should be age appropriate. For six year-olds, some of the high-tech drones may be too complicated.

Some parents may want to take a step back and consider an option for a 5 year old, or maybe if your child is big for their age or more advanced, something for a 7 year old or an 8 year old.

A complex toy will take the fun out of playing, so the best drone for this age group is one that can be flown straight out of the box with little instruction.

Best Drone for a 6 Year Old

Three of the best drones for a six-year-old are as follows:

  • Force 1 Scoot
  • RC Flying Ball
  • DROCON Mini

While sporting enough cool features to entertain, these drones are simple enough for a six-year-old to fly them alone.

Best of all, these can be flown indoors, so they’re the perfect choice for those rainy days when busy, active little bodies must stay inside.

Let’s take a closer look at the specs for each of these drones.

Force 1 Scoot

The Force 1 Scoot drone will intrigue kids with its UFO look. This is an ultra-simple drone that is perfect for introducing children to the world of drones.

Mode of Operation

No remote control is needed for this drone. This will reduce frustration for your child since they won’t need to figure out a complex remote; they can just get straight to flying their drone to spy on the enemy camp.

  • It is launched by tossing it in the air.
  • Infrared sensors keep it flying while navigating around obstacles.
  • Its altitude is controlled by a hand or flat object underneath it.
  • Direction is guided by a hand on the opposite side of the intended direction of movement.

Cool Features

Flashing LED lights will make this a favorite nighttime activity. Turn off the lights and track the drone as it flies around the room.

The round webbed cage will protect your walls and little hands from contacting the flying mechanism.

This is an inside drone only. If flown outside, you could lose it because:

  • There’s no top sensor to tell the drone to stop rising
  • There’s no remote to bring it back if it flies out of your reach.

Power Supply

The drone is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery. It comes with a USB charger port and cable and needs only forty-five minutes to fully recharge.

The spoiler is that it flies for only five to eight minutes per charge and it needs a ten minute rest between flights.

This results in a lot of time your child will spend waiting for his drone to recharge instead of playing with it.

This will be super frustrating for the dedicated spy who needs to keep an eye on things behind enemy lines.


The shell is plastic, so it will crack easily. Try to avoid allowing the drone to experience hard falls or impact with other objects.

The rotators are soft plastic, so anything inserted into the cage will damage them and halt the flight of the drone.

RC Flying Ball

For the aspiring aviator, the RC Flying Ball has it all. And this twin pack brings you not one, but two super cool-looking balls that are sure to provide hours of fun.

Mode of Operation

The Flying Ball can be launched by tossing it into the air or by activating the take-off mode on the remote that comes with it.

The remote allows for a slower take-off that is not quite so overwhelming. The ball uses infrared sensors to navigate.

  • Hover technology and inductive suspension allow you to control the direction of the ball by gestures.
  • Powerful sensors on the bottom of the ball keep it from colliding with other objects.
  • A gyroscope helps the ball balance itself.
  • If your hands get too close, the ball will move away in the opposite direction

Cool Features

Flashing LED lights make this ball beg to be flown in the dark. Add the second ball for a dizzying round of nocturnal fun.

The balls have a glass appearance which will add a new dimension to the lights’ effect.

This ball can be flown outdoors or indoors. No need to worry about it going too high; the remote can bring it down safely and gently.

Power Supply

The ball is powered by a Lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable. The USB charger cord is included in the pack.

The ball must be fully charged before the first flight, but afterwards, it needs only half an hour’s charge to fly six to ten minutes.

Put one ball on charge while the other is flying so you can swap them out for nonstop fun.


The drone is made of strong ABS materials that are shatter-resistant. The rotator blades are flexible which prevents them from causing or receiving much damage.

The core of the ball is strong and resistant to damage from falls. Still, it is a good idea to avoid sudden drops whenever possible.


The DROCON Mini is the most sophisticated of the drones we are considering. This bug-like drone is sure to keep your six-year-old entertained for hours. If your kid is tech savvy, this is the drone for him.

Mode of Operation

This model is fully remote operable. The handheld controller allows you to launch the drone with the push of a button.

  • Altitude hold/lock key lets you fly the drone without constantly needing to adjust altitude
  • Flies in any direction upon command from the controller
  • Runs at three speeds: Low, Medium, and High
  • Hovers in mid-air
  • Returns to you by pressing the return key
  • Can fly up to 40 meters

Cool Features

The DROCON Mini can do flips! With just the touch of a button on the controller, the drone can roll:

  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Left
  • Right
  • 360*

Drone also features a bright searchlight for nighttime flights. This drone is great for flying both outside and indoors.

The quick response time encourages indoor flights while the headless mode and searchlight beg to be taken outdoors.

Power Supply

The controller is powered by two triple A batteries. These are not rechargeable, so you’ll need a sizeable stash on hand.

The drone itself runs on one rechargeable Lithium battery. The USB charger cable comes with it and a maximum sixty minute charge is all it needs to fly for around six to eight minutes.


The DROCON Mini is made of strong materials that can withstand a bump or two. The plastic propellers are shielded by four plastic guardrails.

This keeps the propellers from being broken or falling off in the event the drone collides with something. The core of the drone is made of hard plastic and is sturdy enough to withstand the normal wear and tear of use.

With proper handling this drone can provide thousands of hours of fun.

Guidelines To Good Drones For Six-Year-Olds

What makes a drone “good” for a six-year-old? Primarily, there are three things you should look for when purchasing a drone for your six-year-old:

  • User friendliness
  • The WOW factor
  • Looks

These guidelines can help you choose a drone that will provide your child with the most enjoyment for his level of skill.

User Friendliness

While kids these days are more tech savvy than ever before, still not every child is born a computer whiz.

If a toy’s operation is too complicated or requires too much concentration, it will not be a fun toy for a six-year-old.

This age of child just wants to get the most fun out of the playtime they have. They don’t want to spend precious time trying to figure out an overly complex machine.

For a six-year-old, the best drone will be complex enough to intrigue him, but simple enough that he can operate it without frustration.

It also needs to be on a skill level that allows him to operate by himself. His growing independence is especially important to him, so he needs to be able to operate the toy without adult assistance.

The WOW Factor

Six-year-olds don’t really care about a drone that takes pictures. It might be captivating for the first time or two, but when he realizes the pictures and video are poor quality, he will lose interest.

What will keep him engaged, is the fun crazy things a drone can do:

  • Flips
  • Spins
  • Flying upside down

These will intrigue him much longer than blurry pictures or video that is indistinguishable.


It is of most importance to a six-year-old that his drone be the epitome of “cool”. Bright colors and unusual designs will go a long way toward convincing him that he has the coolest drone on the block.

Flashing LED lights will also impress him. So, when buying a drone for your six-year-old, go for wild and exotic.

Your reward will be the hours of fun and miles of smiles he gets from his toy.


Drones make a great gift for six-year-olds because it helps them to hone their hand/eye coordination and teaches them cause and effect.

Their fine motor skills are challenged and enhanced by learning the miniscule movements needed to control the drone.

The proper drone can make a six-year-old into a world class spy, a decorated pilot, or a search-and-rescue hero.

With six-year-olds and drones, the sky is the limit.

Go Kart for 8 Year Olds

Go Kart for 8 Year Olds

Children have boundless energy and as they get older it’s up to you as a parent to give them outdoor activities that are thrilling and fun but also give them adequate exercise. Go karts are becoming one of the more popular ways to get your child away from a screen and outside.

There are so many types of go karts oh, different safety features, speeds, battery information and more. To help you better understand what to look for, we have put together this guide to explain the key features in the types when choosing a go-kart at this age.

Remember that if your child may require something bigger or smaller. You may want to chose a go kart for 9 year olds, or a perhaps a smaller go kart for 7 year olds.

Best Go Kart For an 8 Year Old

Now you better understand the different types of go karts that are out there, what features you want to look for, and what elements might be most important to your decision.

To help you make a more informed decision we have compared some top products for this age group side by side so that you can evaluate the pros and cons of each. To help you make a more informed decision we have compared some top products for this age group side-by-side so that you can evaluate the pros and cons of each.

Razor Force Drifter Kart

If you think your 8 year old is ready for an electric powered go-kart, the Razor Force Drifter Kart is a great option. It’s recommended for children who are eight years or older and it can support up to 140 lb so your child can use it for a very long time.

It has multiple speeds but doesn’t get any faster than 12 miles per hour so you don’t have to worry about them going too far. It has the go-kart style frame of a Drifter and for each charge it will run for 40 minutes.

It does have a chain driven motor. Vehicle celeration is controlled by a thumb trigger. The rear brake is hand operated and easily within reach. The entire frame is a steel frame with solid rubber tires. There’s also a spark bar and a shoulder strap and seat strap so your child is secure to the go-kart.

It uses two 12 volt batteries and comes with a safety flag and a battery charger. It takes up to 12 hours to charge the battery in between each use.

Razer Drifter Pros

  • There are safety features like a seatbelt
  • It can support up to 140 pounds
  • It has a chain driven motor with rear hand brake, acceleration, and multiple speed,s up to 12 mph

Razer Drifter Cons

  • It doesn’t have a very supportive or tall seat

Costzon Go Kart

For real outdoor racing Kart, this go-kart is the perfect solution. It is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 9. The components are made with an odorless plastic so it won’t smell when you open it but the frame is built with metal so it’s very durable.

It weighs only 20 lb so it’s lightweight enough to move around regularly. It can be used indoors or outdoors and it doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or rainy, it will do just fine.

The seat is adjustable and the tires have an anti slip strip running over the top of them. It has shock absorbers built into it which is what makes it suitable for off-road driving. Your child can drive around through bumpy terrain and the ergonomic seat will make it very comfortable.

Costzon Go Kart Pros

  • The design is easy to assemble
  • It has odorless plastic frames
  • It is sturdy, at 20 pounds and can withstand indoor or outdoor use

Costzon Go Kart Cons

  • The turning radius leaves something to be desired
  • While the seat is adjustable, it takes time to adjust it and isn’t a fast process

What to look for in a go kart

There are a few key features you might have to consider when you are searching for a go kart for this age group namely whether it can go off-road, and how many seats it has.

On road or off-road go-karts

As you start to invest in a go-kart for an older child, having something with more versatility, something that can do off-road and on-road driving or something that is designed for off-road adventures is going to be more important.

Consider where you plan to take the go-kart. Do you want the go-karts for off-road adventures with the whole family that include sharp turns, unpaved dirt roads, rocks, and slopes?

Or do you want it for smooth rides around the neighborhood where everything is paved and the biggest stone your child is likely to come into contact with is a tiny asphalt pebble? This will determine how ruggedized you want the design to be in whether you want it to be the pedal-powered or the electric powered model.

Bear in mind that the electric powered go karts are suitable for off-road situations but the battery life might be problematic. If you really want something for off-road situations, invest in a go-kart that has the longest battery life so that you can get the longest amount of fun before you have to stop for an entire day and recharge.

Number of seats

When you have an older child you very likely have more than one child eager to take the passenger seat which is why having multiple seats becomes important at this age.

As mentioned, there are models that have more than one seat and that might be something important to you. In most go-karts you can usually choose a two-seater option and this is great if you have more than one child because then you don’t have to buy separate go-karts you can instead for just one that allows them to take turns.

This is very useful if you have an older child somewhere between 8 and 10 and then a younger child who wants to just tag along for the ride.

But, if your children are both interested in writing you have another set of considerations. if this is the case, you have to decide whether you want to invest in one go-kart that is slightly more advanced for your younger child but suitable for both or all children to drive, or whether you want to invest in separate go karts.

If you have, for example, a four year old and a nine-year-old, you can start the four-year-old off with a pedal-powered go-kart but chances are it will be way too small for the nine-year-old in which case you will need to consider an electric powered go-kart.

Conversely you can just invest in 1 electric powered go kart with two seats minimum and both children can learn to drive it. This will help them to develop their coordination and of course give them an opportunity to bond.

Types of Go karts

If you are new to the world of go karts, the first thing you have to realize is that there are three different types, pedal powered, electric powered, or gas powered. They are designed to fit different age groups and different capabilities.

Type Number of seats available Average Speeds Safety features
Pedal powered 1 However fast a child can pedal Durable frame, good brakes
Electric powered 1 or more 8 mph to 15 mph (average 10 mph) Durable frame, some parental speed controls, good brakes
Gas powered 2 or more 20 mph or more Durable frame, speed controls, off road tires for better balance and stability


If you are looking at an electric, that means it has a battery. It’s powered by a battery that you have to recharge. The biggest downside here is that it can take a very long time to charge the battery, an average range is between 12 hours and twenty-four hours, longer when it’s the first time you are charging.

For every complete charge you get you can generally enjoy between 30 minutes and 1 hour of drive time. Some models have just one 12 volt battery and others have two 12 volt batteries.

This is only important in that the more batteries the go-kart has, the more speed options it has and very likely the longer your child can drive the go cart before it needs recharging.

Does age matter?

Age matters When selecting a go-kart. In fact, at this age you have more versatility because your child has reached the time where electric powered or pedal-powered are suitable.

Age Type of Go-Kart
3-7 Pedal powered
8-11 Electric powered or Pedal powered

Go Kart For 9 Year Olds!

If you are interested in getting a go-kart for your child, you are going to offer them a great way to get out some of that pent-up energy and enjoy the great outdoors.

But at this age there are different types your child can enjoy and it’s hard to know which one is best. That is why we put together the guide to make it easier for you to determine whether you should invest in an electric design or pedal power design.

The table below better explains which types of go karts are suitable for which age group:

Age Type of Go-Kart
3-9 Pedal powered
9-12 Electric powered or Pedal powered
13 + Gas Powered or Electric powered

Age is going to be the biggest delineator when you are picking a go kart for your child. Thankfully, at this age, you have many more options than you do with a younger child.

You may want to go with a go kart for 8 year olds, or even a go kart for 7 year olds if your child prefers a smaller ride.

Best Go Kart For 9 Year Old

Now that you have a better idea of what features to look for and what model you want, it’s time to look at the different options for go-karts at this age. Below we have compared products side by side to help you decide which is best suited for your situation.

Costzon Pedal Go Kart

If you want a model that is sleek and stylish for older children, this is a great model. It is very easy to operate and it doesn’t have any complicated wiring or gears which makes it even easier to install, something that many parents will appreciate.

It drives very smoothly and makes turns very quickly without losing traction. The frame is metal and the outdoor components are odorless plastic. It can be driven inside or outside.

Unlike other models that are smaller and more lightweight because they have a very short seat, this one has a high-backed seat design that’s actually more comfortable and convenient for children.

It weighs just shy of 20 lb so the high back seat doesn’t actually add much to the weight. It is designed to mimic the feel of a real car so your child can park with the handbrake, reverse out of their parking spot, and drive forward.

Pedal Go Kart Pros:

  • The back seat can be adjusted
  • The frame is a metal and polypropylene mixture
  • It comes with a gear lever
  • The wheels have a layer of anti slip material

Pedal Go Kart Cons:

  • The chains can come off
  • It is small in size, and won’t fit a taller child

12V Ride On Racer Car

If you are looking for something that your child can grow into or share with their siblings, this two-seater design is a great choice. For parents who are concerned about speed, this has different speed settings.

When going in reverse it has a maximum speed of 2.5 miles per hour and when going forward it has a maximum speed of 5 miles per hour. It is certainly a much slower model but for many parents that might be reassuring.

It uses a single 12 volt battery that has to be recharged and on each charge your child will get about 30 minutes of driving time. The frame is very sturdy and it can support 130 lb total so you can divide that between the two occupants or have your older child use it alone.

There are giant tires that are ruggedized and perfect for outdoor off terrain riding or indoor riding.

It has a monster traction drive system which helps your child tackle off road conditions like gravel and rocks. It also has an electronic power lock brake system so once the acceleration stops, the go-kart is held in place.

Racer Pros:

  • Designed for 3 years and up, so your child can grow into it or you can use it for multiple children
  • 2 seater
  • Giant tires for outdoor use
  • Electronic power lock brake

Racer Cons:

  • It takes a while to charge and each charge only lasts between 30 and 35 minutes

Should I Pick A Pedal-Powered Or An Electric?

At this age most kids are moving toward the electric, but there are still pedal-powered designs suitable for 9 year olds. It really comes down to the size of your child.

If you have a particularly tall child, they might not fit into really small frames that are meant for children but most go karts for kids actually have adjustable seats so they can grow with their go-kart.

The biggest difference here is the speed. Pedal-powered are going to go as fast as your child can pedal and if you have a particularly athletic child that might be quite fast but the battery powered or electric are going to go significantly faster.

These can range in their speed contingent upon the model. In most situations the children’s models will have multiple speed settings, one speed for reverse and a few different speeds for going forward.

Parental control options allow you to set what speed maximum you want for your child depending on the weather, whether they are driving inside or outside, or whether they have a younger sibling in the car with them.

When considering electric powered, one of the biggest drawbacks is that while it is powered through a battery, that battery can take a very long time to charge and unfortunately, you might charge your battery for an entire day only to give your child 30 minutes to 1 hour worth of drive time.

If this doesn’t seem like a good enough return on your time the pedal-powered can be used at any time.

What Features Should I Look For In A Go Kart?

When you are looking at different models for this age group, you want to consider what accessories come with it, what accessories you can add to it, and what safety features you want to enhance. You might also consider speed especially as you move up and start investigating electric-powered designs.

The Speed

If you are investing in the electric powered go-kart you need to consider the speed it provides. The slower-paced designs will not go more than 9 miles per hour, maybe upwards of 15 miles per hour.

This is just fine for a youngster who is just starting out. As your child games more years of practice, you can invest in something that might go up to 20 miles per hour.

If speed worries you, there are models that have speed control so you as the parent can decide what speed limit you want given the terrain or the weather or anything else. This will prevent the go-kart from going too fast and risking any injuries.


Once you have picked out the type of go-kart you want for your child, you still have to consider any necessary accessories. There are certain safety features that might come in your go kart model like a flag.

Having a flag pitched to the back of the go-kart is a great way to keep tabs on your child at all times and this becomes particularly important if you happen to take them off road or outside of your local neighborhood.

If it doesn’t come standard with a flag you can easily buy a safety flag as an accessory.

The most important accessory to have is of course a helmet. Even though the frames are very sturdy and the tire should give your child a lot of traction, it’s still good to have a helmet.

If your child already has a very durable helmet that they use for riding bikes, you might be able to get away with using that especially if they are using the pedal powered model but if they don’t have a helmet, it’ll give you a lot of Peace of Mind to just go out and grab one.

Which Safety Features Are Most Important?

In addition to these accessories there are some safety features you will want to look for in the design you choose. The first of these is seatbelts.

Even in a pedal power design it might be better for your child if there is a seatbelt because it will keep them secure to the go-kart on the off-chance that they hit a pebble or some uneven terrain.

Pedal powered go-karts are designed for smooth surfaces and they shouldn’t ever be taken to an off-road riding park or other off-road to rain because the uneven surface can result in falls.

If you are concerned about speed with an electric power design, perhaps your 5 year old is big for their age or you have a go-kart for more than one child, look for one that has parental speed controls that way you can decide what speed is best.


If you are buying one go kart for the whole family, speed controls will allow you to set a maximum limit based on the child who is driving and this means your younger child doesn’t have to frighten themselves by going very quickly but your older child isn’t bored by going very slowly.

Go Kart for 5 Year Olds

If you have a young child interested in go-karts, or you just want to give them an activity they can play outside, go-karts make a grade investment.

But, when you go to find the right go-kart, you get inundated by different terms and figures and types.

Best Go Kart for 5 Year Old

Now that you have a better understanding of what types of go karts there are, what safety features they each have, and what you should look for when buying for a child, it’s time to compare some products.

We have put together some pros and cons of some top products for this age group so that you can make an informed decision.

You may also want to consider Go Karts for 4 year olds for smaller children, or Go Karts for 6 year olds if they are big for their age.

Costzon Go Kart

If you want a pedal-powered design that your child can use indoors or Outdoors, this is a great design and it comes in different colors for boys and girls. It’s so durable you can drive it in any weather, inside or outside across any surface.

The seat is adjustable and ergonomic. There are anti slip properties in the tires. The frame has shock absorbers which helps it go outdoors or indoors.

It can hold up to 400 pounds which means you can set more than one child in it or allow your child to use it until such time as they are too tall to fit. It has the reverse section as well as the forward driving options.

There are headlights on it so your child can drive around at night safely as long as you’re with them. In order to start the go-kart There’s an actual key function so it makes kids feel like they’re driving a car just like the grown-ups.

It has very firm handlebars overhead to help children climb in and out of the seat. It also comes with a horn but they can use it to warn you they are coming home. There are seat belts as well so anyone concerned about the safety of their child would do well to consider this model.

Costzon Go Kart Pros:

  • The design doesn’t have complicated parts to assemble
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors
  • It can handle ages 3-9

Costzon Go Kart Cons:

  • The turning radius is limited
  • While the seat is adjustable, you can’t just adjust it on the move

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart

If you want a much more comfortable design, this pedal-powered go-kart has the high-back bucket seat which is molded to fit your child comfortably and has a very high backrest. It’s ergonomic and gives your child a safe sitting position so they can move around with the cart without hurting themselves.

It has large rims, 12 in each so your child gets good traction. You can adjust the bucket seat to the height of your child while still enjoying the race style pedals, the 8-ball style break, and the durability of the larger tires.

The steering has three points during so it can turn tight corners very easily. It is a bit on the heavy side weighing just shy of 28 pounds but it can handle children up to 120 lbs so they can use it for many years.

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart Pros

  • 3 point steering
  • Weight limit of 120 pounds
  • Perfect for 4-8 years old
  • Race style pedals, ball style hand brake, rubber wheels
  • Adjustable bucket seat with tall back
  • Large 12 inch rims for the wheels

Hauck Hurricane Pedal Go Kart Cons

  • It is heavy and hard to put together

Do I Need Reverse?

Each model is different in terms of what the steering provides. Some of them fancy or models will provide multiple directions for your child including forward and reverse.

You might not think that reverse is very important but it can come in handy when your child gets stuck in a corner or up against the wall, or when they are tasked with steering their new go-kart into the garage and into its designated parking space.

If you don’t have the reverse option on the go-kart and your child gets stuck, they will have to get out and either manually move the car themselves or have you help them move the car.

This can be quite a burden if you invest in one of the heavier models, something that weighs around 20 lb versus a lighter model that only weighs a few pounds.

How Much Should a Go Kart Weigh?

There is no right or wrong in terms of how much the go-kart should weigh. Some go-karts simply way more because they have a metal frame rather than a plastic frame or because they have a high back seat instead of a low seat. The more components there are, the heavier it will be.

At this point you have to consider whether you want something that is lightweight, just a few pounds or so that your child can move around on their own or whether you want something that’s 20 pounds or so that you are willing to pick up regularly and store or move around.

What About Brakes?

Almost all go karts for children will have a handbrake. This is something that is located either in front of them or more often on the driver’s side so that they can just reach down and grab it. It functions much the same as the emergency brake in a regular car.

What you really want to look for when evaluating the brakes is whether that brake applies to just one tire, both rear tires, or all four.

Obviously the more tires that are halted by the use of the brake, the faster and more precise that braking is going to be.

What Tires Do I Need?

When you look at different models they will explain what components come with the tires. Some tires have anti-slip properties and these are great for maintaining traction when surfaces are slippery or smooth, like riding the house or on a flat paved surface.

Some have bigger tread like what you would find on a bicycle and these are designed for outdoor use so your child can grip the ground while riding across grass or gravel.

You know best where your child will be riding the go-kart most of the time. If you know that your child is going to be riding it around the house, and anti-slip properties are important.

If instead you know that the majority of the ride time will be out in the yard full of many uneven and difficult surfaces, the bigger tires with a thicker tread is going to work best.

Are there accessories I need?

When you purchase a go-kart for your child at this age it is very likely that they have a helmet already for things like riding bikes. Depending on how durable that helmet is, it might be perfectly suited to go karts as well. The biggest thing you want to consider is of course having a helmet on at all times.

If you are concerned about your child falling out of the go-kart especially while making tight turns, finding a design that has seat belts or allows you to modify it so that you can add seat belts is recommended.

Designs that have the high back seat are going to be slightly safer than those without the high back seat because it keeps your child more physically stable when they are not only pressing the pedals with their feet but also using physics to force their back up against the tall seat.

This, again, can be something you might consider modifying down the line.

Other than that, there are no required accessories but you might always consider investing in something like a flag so you can see your child at a distance.

Which one is best? To help you better determine which go-kart is best for your five-year-old, we have put together this informational guide to explain what features do you want to look for during your evaluation, and help you decide which is the best option for your needs.

Does Age Matter?

Firstly, if you are looking for a go-kart specifically for a five-year-old, age does matter. In fact, age is going to be the biggest determining factor in the type of go-kart you purchase.

The table below explains which type is best suited for different ages:

Age Type of Go-Kart
3 Pedal powered
4 Pedal powered
5 Pedal powered
6 Pedal powered
7 Pedal powered
8 Electric powered or Pedal powered
9 Electric powered or Pedal powered

The Best Hoverboard For 3-Year-Olds

Hoverboards are not designed for three-year-olds, so finding one that they can safely ride is quite difficult.

Children of this age are generally safer riding an electric scooter for several reasons:

  • Motor skills are not fully developed
  • Average weight is under 40 pounds
  • Reflexes are not fully developed
  • Do not fully understand operation or dangers of the toy

Hoverboard for 3 Year Olds

Toddlers need to develop strength in the trunk muscles before attempting to ride a toy that requires complex movements to guide it.

But if your three-year-old just must have a hoverboard like his older siblings, here are some general guidelines in what to look for. Keep in mind, there are other options for bigger or smaller children, see 4 year old and 2 year old for more info.

Safe Hoverboards For Three-Year-Olds

If you are unable to find a hoverboard that matches all the preceding guidelines, your toddler can still enjoy the thrill of the ride with a little improvisation.

Hoverboard to go-cart

The Baley Hoverboard Hover Kart attaches to hoverboards with 6.5”, 8”, or 10” wheels. This transforms the hoverboard into a go-cart for your toddler to ride.

This negates the minimum weight capacity since the frame will weigh more than enough to make the hoverboard cooperate properly.

The possibility of falls is eliminated since the child is sitting, and toddlers can guide the cart with the attached bar.

The extra length of the frame reduces the likelihood of personal impact if the cart collides with another object.

This allows them to join the bigger kids in the fun of riding without putting them at unnecessary risk of injury.

Adjustable Speed Hoverboards

If possible, it is safest to get a hoverboard that has adjustable speeds. This will allow you to start your toddler out at speeds slow enough to match his undeveloped reflexes.

Toddlers will need to learn how to steer even if the cart frame is attached to the hoverboard.

They will need time to understand which motion produces the intended result. A board that can be slowed down to an appropriate speed can help them develop these skills while keeping them safe.

Then the speed can be increased as their abilities increase.

A hoverboard such as the Tomoloo is a great choice. This hoverboard can be controlled by a smart phone app to place the speed at beginner settings.

This board is powerful enough for a fun ride without being too wild and dangerous for a little kid. They can ride on the go-cart attachment until they are big enough to ride standing up.

You can start them out at slow speeds until they are skilled at guiding the contraption, and gradually increase speed as they get bigger.

At the least, a hoverboard equipped with a learner mode will provide some safeguards against accidents caused by too much speed.


Always make sure your child is wearing an appropriately sized helmet when riding, even if the hoverboard has been converted to a go-cart.

There is still the possibility of impact with a larger object if your child gets carried away and forgets to watch where he is going.

There is also the possibility of inclines tipping the cart over which could injure your child.

Helmets are usually adjustable and can be used for several years if there is no direct impact to the helmet.

Always replace a helmet that has experienced a direct impact since the force of the impact can compromise the helmet’s level of protection.

Knee and Elbow Pads

Skinned knees and elbows may be a rite of passage, but they’re certainly no fun. There is no need for your child to experience this type of pain when a simple pad can keep his knees and elbows safe.

These Knee pads and elbow pads are for more than protection against skinned joints. Hard falls can jam these joints causing:

  • extreme pain
  • limited mobility
  • fractures
  • joint deformity

Cushioned pads help to protect the joints against a direct hit in the event of a fall.

Wrist Pads

Equally important as elbow and knee pads are wrist pads. In the event of a fall, reflexes make us through out our hands to catch ourselves.

This is the body’s way of protecting the head from blunt trauma.

The problem is that this is an excellent way to fracture a wrist, especially in young children whose bones are still a bit soft.

Wrist pads help to absorb some of the shock from, the impact and provide at least a modicum of protection against fracture.

They also help to protect the palms against concrete burn if one lands on the hands.

Protective Footwear

Finally, we will consider the proper footwear toddlers should use when riding. Whether they ride in the traditional fashion o in the go-cart style, they need sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Their shoes should not be too large or too tight; a snug fit is best. No open shoes or flip-flops should be worn when riding a hoverboard.

For toddlers, Velcro shoes are usually best since untied shoelaces pose a risk in themselves. The sole of the shoe should grip well; slick-soled shoes will increase the risk of falling.

If possible, the top of the shoe should reach above the child’s ankle to provide stability to immature joints. This will reduce the likelihood of a sprained ankle or torn ligaments.

General Specifications For Maximum Safety

The safest hoverboard for a three-year-old has:

  • A maximum speed of five miles per hour
  • A minimum weight capacity of thirty pounds
  • Four and one-half inch wheels
  • The ability to self-balance

We will look at the reasons for these guidelines to help you better understand the risks of three-year-olds riding hoverboards.

Five MPH Limit

Your toddler’s hoverboard should not go faster than five miles per hour because his reflexes are not developed enough to adequately steer the board away from obstacles.

He may not have the proper muscles strength or motor skills to turn the board using only the motion of his hips.

Nor does he have the foresight and good judgement to avoid danger.

He only knows the thrill of the ride, not the dangers associated with it. He doesn’t know to watch for uneven terrain or breaks in the concrete.

He doesn’t have the ability to think through the proper responses if the board gets into trouble. He may not know what to do if the board ventures onto the road.

The faster the board goes, the greater the chance that he will run into something or be thrown off. This can inflict severe injury.

The board needs to go slowly enough that you can keep up with him on foot and help him stay out of danger while he enjoys himself on the ride.

Minimum Weight

Most hoverboards have a minimum weight limit of forty pounds. Few three-year-olds meet this requirement.

With a weight less than the minimum weight limit, the hoverboard may not sense when your child is standing on it. This may cause it to work erratically or not at all.

Erratic functioning can throw your child off and result in serious injury.

Not reaching minimum weight also means that your child’s ability to guide the board will be compromised.

The hoverboard may not sense the signals to stop or turn if your child is not heavy enough. It is important to your child’s safety that all manufacturer warnings and recommendations are followed.

Four And One-Half Inch Wheels

It is extremely difficult to find hoverboards that have wheels smaller than six and one-half inches. But for your toddler’s safety their hoverboard’s wheels should be no more than four and one-half inches.

The reason for this is that the larger the wheels, the faster the board goes. We have already discussed the danger of faster speeds with children of this age.

It is simply too dangerous to allow a toddler to ride a hoverboard at speeds exceeding five miles per hour.

Most hoverboards with 4.5” wheels run between three and five miles per hour. This is the safest speed for children under five years old.


Most of today’s hoverboards can self-balance and this is most important for your three-year-old.

Toddlers do not have the fine motor skills or proper control of the trunk muscles to balance themselves on a moving object.

They may not even be able to keep themselves upright on the board once it is moving. This is a big enough challenge for adults, let alone toddlers.

If their hoverboard does not balance itself, it will make it much more difficult and dangerous for them to ride.

A fall on concrete or pavement can cause serious or even fatal injuries. For maximum safety, make sure that your child’s hoverboard can balance itself.


Most hoverboard manufacturers recommend that riders be at least six years old because of the complexity of maneuvering these machines.

They are just more complicated than a three-year-old is capable of handling. Severe injury can result from ignoring manufacturers’ warnings.

However, it is extremely difficult to explain to a toddler why he can’t enjoy the same things everybody else enjoys.

The preceding options provide a way for your toddler to be included in the fun without needing a trip to the ER.